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Grants access to hidden content in the map and campaign editor.

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Expanded Editor
This mod requires the Unofficial Modpacker. I may or may not port it to the official modpacker, but it is a lot more work.
This mod is very similar to Ophelia's mod Unlock Hidden Map Editor Contents, but it hasn't been updated for 2.0 and there is a dreadful need for a mod like this. Grants access to hidden content in the map and campaign editor such as
exporting and importing campaign maps, hidden music, sound effects,
cutscene emotes, cutscene backgrounds, cutscene units, cutscene visual
effects, units, dialogue portraits, event actions, and way more!

Combined with my other two mods, Expanded Terrainand Expanded Audio, you'll have so much more freedom and flexibility than you otherwise would!

A note on the possibility of the mod being ported to the official modpacker:
Making a mod like this is super easy and quick with the Unofficial Modpacker.
It took me less than an hour to put this together, while doing it for
the official modpacker would take me many hours and I'm burned out on
Wargroove and Wargroove modding. I did this because I felt like
Ophelia's Unlock Hidden Map Editor Contents mod was sorely missed and
had no appropriate replacement. There is someone else who is working on a
similar mod for the official modpacker, so look out for that. It is not
very likely for me to do it.