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You can now play the game similar to age of empires or warcraft

-Recruit villagers from HQ
-Building structures with villagers
-Mine gold with villagers
-And more to come

Permissions and credits
Extract the zip file and move the extracted folder to %appData%/Chucklefish/Wargroove/mods
What's Included

1. Can no longer reinforce from buildings
2. Mage are op now (heals cost no gold)
3. Buildings no longer regenerate
4. Villagers can repair buildings (cost half of of the building's original cost, repair 20 hp per turn)
5. Buildings will be destroyed when HP reaches 0
6. Buildings no longer generate gold
7. HQ can recruit villagers
8. Villagers can build buildings
9. New building "Mining Camp" that can be build on top of "Gold". Mining Camp takes 1.3x damage
10. Gold is hostile neutral and takes no damage, so you can't walk through them
11. Villagers can garrison Mining Camp to gather gold (80 gold per villagers per turn, up to 3 villagers per camp) or gem (120 gold per villager per turn, up to 3 villagers per camp)
12. Each gold will have a value of 4000, and for every 80 gold mined from the gold pile, gold pile's hp will decrease by 2 (so a gold pile with 12 hp can be mined for 480 gold. Which is 3 villagers in the mining camp for 2 turns or 1 villager in the mining camp for 6 turns)
13. Each gem will have a value of 3000, and for every 120 gold mined from the gem pile, gem pile's hp will decrease by 4 (so a gem pile with 12 hp can be mined for 360 gold. Which is 3 villagers in the mining camp for 1 turns or 1 villager in the mining camp for 3 turns)
14. Villagers inside the mining camp when the mining camp is destroyed are lost
15. You can unload villagers from the mining camp, but they will be exhausted the turn it is unloaded
16. 3 Different Tech Levels. 500g for first level up, and 1000 for the second level up. you can level up from HQ

    #HQ: villager
    #Villager: barracks, port, village, water village, mining camp
    #Barracks: swords, dog, pikeman
    #Port: barge, merfolk
    Level 2 Production (In addition):
    #Villager: Tower, HQ
    #Barracks: wagon, mage, archer, knight
    #Port: turtle, harpoon ship
    #Tower: balloon, harpy
    Level 3 Production (in addition):
    #Barracks: ballista, trebuchet, giant
    #Port: warship
    #Tower: witch, dragon

17. Population cap (HQ increases population cap by 8, village and water village increase it by 4. You cannot recruit new units when you are population capped. You can check your max population and current population by hovering over HQ or any of the villages. max population is 100)
18. Commanders can pick up up to 6 artifacts. The first 8 artifact's effect are stackable

    #dagger = +3% to minimal damage, 250g
    #axe = +3% to maximal damage, 250g
    #sword = +2% to overall damage, 350g
    #sword of Death = +2% overall damage, +3% minimal damage, +3% maximal damage, 750g
    #armor = -3% to incoming minimal damage, 250g
    #helmet = -3% to incoming maximal damage, 250g
    #shield = -2% to incoming damage, 350g
    #shield of life = -2% to incoming damage, -3% to incoming minimal damage, -3% to incoming maximal damage, 750g
    #dimensional door = allows commander to teleport next to an empty space by the HQ. 5 turns cool down, 600g
    #health potion = recovers 25 hp. One time use item, 100g
    #groove potion = recovers 25 points of groove (not %). One time use item, 150g
    #bow = allows commander to attack up to 3 tiles away as well as water and flying unit but at half of the normal damage.Commander still do full damage at melee range against land units., 450g

19. Artifacts can be destroyed
20. Commanders can purchase artifacts from shop. Shop generates 5 random artifacts, and will restock every 5 turns
21. Building a new structure take multiple turns. First you have to use "plan" to layout the foundation of the structure, then you can use "build" to continue building the structure.

    city: 2
    water_city: 2
    port: 2
    tower: 2
    barracks: 2
    hq: 3
    mining_camp: 1

22. Villager can use "salvage" on an structure to return structure's original cost * 0.5 * remaining hp amount of gold back
23. Recruitment takes multiple turns, once you start a recruitment, the population space will be used, and you will see the recruiting unit by hovering over the production building. production building's groove bar indicate the progress of recruitment.

    #villager = 1 turn
    #soldier = 1 turn
    #spearman = 2 turns
    #doggo = 2 turns
    #wagon = 2 turns
    #archer = 2 turns
    #mage = 2 turns
    #cavalry = 2 turns
    #treb = 2 turns
    #ballista = 2 turns
    #giant = 2 turns
    #barge = 2 turns
    #merfolk = 2 turns
    #turtle = 2 turns
    #harpoon ship = 2 turns
    #warship = 2 turns
    #balloon = 2 turns
    #harpies = 2 turns
    #dragon = 2 turns
    #witch = 2 turns

24. once a recruitment starts, you can use "cancel recruitment" to cancel the current unit in queue and get full refund, cancel recruitment does not end unit turn, so you can recruit something new on the same turn.
  1. A lot

There's a bug!!!
Please ping @Ophelia on Wargroove discord.

Where can I find a game with people playing this mod?
Try Wargroove matchmaking channel. If no luck, you can also try this discord server https://discord.gg/KPk7gn9

_____ is too expensive!!!
cost of buildings are just random number I made up. The main purpose of this release is not for balance but to test out the game mode. Once I have the mode completed, I will work on balance.

Special Callouts:

Kanor for updating the codex rules and testing the gameplay
Innocience for creating the "Salvage" verb and testing the gameplay
Zeronix for creating some maps and testing the gameplay
Dr. Killsauce for testing the gameplay
Fly Sniper for testing the gameplay (and some secret project he is working and will soon be included in this mod)
Unicarn for testing the gameplay