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This mod rebalances commanders grooves in various ways. It's mostly intended for testing what balance changes would be good. It comes in 3 versions, each with a different modification to Tenri. This may change later.

Warning that there are story spoilers in the detailed description below.

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Warning, this mod very likely won't work online even if both players have the same version. It should be fine for singleplayer, but you might get in trouble with Steam if you try to use it online.

This mod makes changes to several commanders grooves. The changes are as follows:

Sedge deals 45% damage with his groove instead of 35%.

Nuru's teleport has a 1.5x gold cost multiplier, and the units cannot act on the turn she teleports them in.

Ryota has been changed to a fast charging groove instead of medium.

Sigrid can now eat her own units to heal off of them.

Elodie can now use her groove from 3 tiles away instead of having to be up close.

Dark Mercia's groove now has a medium charge instead of slow, and now has a range of 5 (previously 3), and does 15% damage (previously 30%), and heals by 1/3 of the damage she deals. Warning in advance that while the groove does work as described, the indicator thing showing you her radius hasn't changed, so you'll have to count manually to know which places she affects.

Finally, depending on which version you download, Tenri may have one of the following changes:

4 range, her units cannot act after moving them.

4 range, she cannot use her groove on enemy units.

6 range, she cannot use her groove on enemy units AND her units cannot act after being moved.