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Replaces all music with tracks from Advance Wars (1+2 only). Both a full replacement & individual songs.

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This mod replaces all vanilla music with tracks from Advance Wars & Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising.

I've included both a full replacement mod & separate individual tracks. If you want to make any replacements yourself, the process isn't difficult. Using the mod packer I unpacked the game files and then replaced the ogg files with ogg files I converted from the raw game tracks which I got from Zophar's Music Domain.

Mod Packer

1. Place hmd file(s) in the mods folder in your Mod Packer directory
2. Open Mod Packer > use/apply mods > add mod. Add the hmd you downloaded.
3. Click apply.

Index of replaced songs
Mercia's theme -> Andy's theme
Emeric's theme -> Nell's theme
Caesar's theme -> Max's theme
Mercival's theme -> Sami's theme
Elodie's theme -> Sturm's theme
Sigrid's theme -> Blue Moon theme
Ragna's theme -> Adder's theme
Valder's theme -> Olaf's theme
Greenfinger's theme -> Eagle's theme
Nuru's theme -> Drake's theme
Sedge's theme -> Jess's theme
Dark Mercia's theme -> Hawke's theme
Koji's theme -> Sonja's theme
Ryota's theme -> Yellow Comet theme
Tenri's theme -> Kanbei's theme
Requiem's Thrall -> Battle Fanfare 2
Ulterior Motives -> Black Hole Coming
Onward -> Here to Help
Encounter Results -> It's Finally Over
Outlaws ~ Cheeky Ruckus -> Macro Land Map theme
Revelry -> Orange Star theme
Reflection -> The World of Macro Land
Aurania -> Wars World News 2
Also Replaced: defeated, editor, intro (jukebox only), results, victory, main menu music with Advance Wars equivalents.