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Dungeon Defenders Nexus launched

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And now for something completely different..! I'm pleased to announce the launch of Dungeon Defenders Nexus which I hope will be a helpful resource for Dungeon Defenders players and mod authors.

It might come as a surprise to be launching this site so close to the launch of Skyrim but I have Dungeon Defenders to thank for helping me retain my sanity while we all wait for Skyrim to come out and I've clocked countless hours already levelling up all my characters. If you haven't heard of Dungeon Defenders it's a highly addictive new game that mixes elements of tower defense maps with action RPGs for an extremely fun experience either solo or co-op with up to 4 players online. The idea is to place towers in strategic positions across a map to defend your core against continually spawning waves of monsters. You control a hero who brings his own talents and skills to the fray, who can gain experience that will help him to level up (in typical action RPG fashion) and aquire bigger and better items. If you like tower defense maps or action RPGs like Diablo then you'll want to give this game a try.

I absolutely love tower defense maps and spent a lot of my gaming time at university playing Warcraft 3 TD maps (Zoator, anyone?), so when I heard the Dungeon Defenders devs were planning to make the game open source to modders, and that the modding potential was practically limitless, I couldn't help but want to make a Nexus site for this great game.

The game is supposed to be going open source for mod authors to bite their teeth in to some time this week. At which point the Unreal Development Kit (UDK) will become useful and mod authors will be able to add and change practically anything and everything within the game. The modding potential for this game is huge and I look forward to seeing what the community can come up with.

A word on open vs. ranked play for Dungeon Defenders players. Ranked play is supposed to be free of user modifications and cheating and, as such, we will not be supporting any sort of modding or cheating that affects ranked play until Trendy Entertainment tell us otherwise. Similarly, Trendy have made their position on cheating very clear on their forums and we will not support any methods for cheating that are not recognised by Trendy. This means you can use the UDK (when released) to cheat as much as you want, but if you use third-party tools that are not supported or approved by Trendy you risk losing your account. You have been warned!

In brighter news, Trendy have expressed an interest in getting some of the best mods patched in to the full release of the game as supported game modes (which might well enable your mods to be VAC-enabled/cheat protected), which I think is a great gesture. I look forward to seeing how that develops.

If you need any help feel free to use our Dungeon Defenders forums. Happy modding!


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  1. sveisik
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    This may be the oldest surviving news post on the nexus.
  2. nofear88
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    Good for the kids, not for me though. will pop in sometimes on the mod sections to see what is created though.
  3. retakrew7
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    This is the most fun way for wasting time I had for a long time.
  4. Pronam
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    That's because the next DLC contains the mod-tools <img class="emoticon" src="/assets/images/emoticons/dark/wink.gif" />
  5. Thor.
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    Great that they are supporting modding. I might pick it up for the psvita when it comes out <img class="emoticon" src="/assets/images/emoticons/dark/thumbsup.gif" />

    YAY for the Team fortress 2 reference, and portal.


    Correct that will, i might even pre order it <img class="emoticon" src="/assets/images/emoticons/dark/biggrin.gif" />

    Though the dlc is only for steam and pc <img class="emoticon" src="/assets/images/emoticons/dark/sad.gif" />
  6. robert01
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    This game actually have 0 RTS elements really to it. I just picked up last night and have been playing it. It's more of a hack + slash with a little strategy about where you would place your towers when you make them(or traps/whatever based on your class).

    Really fun game overall though.
  7. Lisnpuppy
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    I think it looks super fun but I have never really played too much RTS...when I have I have sucked mightily.
    I sure would give it a try....to take a break from Skyrim before I got like a seizure or something. LOL
  8. XTR3M368
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    too cutesy for me too but my kids will like it. in a couple of days anything but Skyrim will be like...."huh? what? I can't remember anything but Skyrim!"
  9. NexusRanger
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    Oh, hey - I remember this from Dark0ne's previous thread! <img class="emoticon" src="/assets/images/emoticons/dark/smile.gif" />

    It really does look like a load of fun - and the development kit for modders should help ensure this game never gets old - or, at least, not for a really long time! <img class="emoticon" src="/assets/images/emoticons/dark/biggrin.gif" />
  10. Antiscamp
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    That's too cute for my taste, but I'll recommend it to my little lady. I saw the trailer on Steam earlier and thought of her anyway. Me, I'm playing Saints Row 2 until Skyrim.