Warcraft III: Reforged
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A single-player story-driven action map inspired by "Groundhog day" and "Mother of learning"

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A single-player story-driven action map inspired by "Groundhog day" and "Mother of learning". You are caught in a timeloop. You can't right-click your way to victory in this one. Expect various game scenarios and mechanics rarely(and
maybe never before) seen in Warcraft 3.

A long time ago in a country far away a young recruit was on his way to his new assignment..

-Is this map hard?
-Not really but in some scenarious you'll have to think quickly to overcome the cirscumstances. Enemies are stronger than you and only your wit can assure the victory. I completed this map before the release and had no difficulties with the bosses. Every battle scenario is carefully balanced(as it should be). Save often, don't die.

-How long does it take to beat?

-About 1-1.5 hours depending whether you rush it or not.

-Is the story finished?
-Yes and no.
It has 2 endings - With one of them the story is finished(no cliffhangers).
But there's the second:
You can activate the second ending by typing "-altend" at any time during gameplay and when you finish the map - it will play. You will get confirmation after typing the command.
Originally I planed it to be 4 chapters. However I could not do this alone because I"m bad at terraining and no one responded to help me(which is okay, I'm not complaining). That said - if I ever find someone to help me I'll continue the development and I'll even have the characters voiced.
If I do not continue development - I consider this map to be finished. First 2 chapters make a short finished story by themselves
with a solid ending.

-Reforged or not Reforged?
-If you have a choice between playing it in Reforged mode or Classic -
play it in Reforged. All cutscenes have been made and perfected in
Reforged mode. In Classic W3 you won't get the intended experience.
However I tried and it launches on classic W3(current Battle.net version) but there are some issues I discovered:
-Some character animation looks sped up;
-Sometimes ambient sounds are too loud.
I never fully completed this map in classic mode but in theory there should not be any game-breaking issues.

I hope you have fun with this map and the story! If you have any feedback - please let me know.

USING CHEATS EXTREMELY NOT RECOMMENDED - IT WILL BREAK SOME CUTSCENES. Please do not report any bug if you used cheats.

Thanks to Hive community for priceless tips concerning World Editor. You guys rock!
and everyone else who helped.

Resources used:

The City Of Lightcrown
United Village
"The Pathing Texture Pack"
Tutorial - Making a Backstab Spell (GUI)