Morrowind Winter Modjam 2022

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The Morrowind Modjam is back!

For anyone who hasn't heard of it, the Modjam is a competition where modders will be given 48 hours to make a themed mod. The theme in question will be revealed when the event starts.

Thank you to Danae123 for organizing it once again. Over to you.

: January 14-16

January 7-14: vote for themes

The themes have been suggested by the participants and judges of the previous modjam:
Ai, Books, Chimer, Clockwork city, Cults, Enchantments, Escape room, Great Houses, Horror, Imperial Organisation, Khajiit, Mysticism, Nature, Obscure Lore, Pirates, Science, Sixth House, Spells, Underwater, Verticality
You can vote for your favourite themes here:

January 14: Livestream
- discover the top 10 themes
- final voting round
- games
- guests

January 15-16: Modjam

You have 48 hours to make your mod, modders' resources allowed.

January 22: Result stream

- Winners revealed
- Showcases of mods
- Games and Guests

Prizes include Gamekeys, Collector Items, and of course, showcases, fame and glory.

The "Winter Modjam 2022" tag will be present during this event.

When uploading your mod, make sure you include this tag in order to have your mod be considered part of the competition.

Click this link to see all the entries.

Good luck to all the participants!


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  1. deleted27599280
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    article image is Telvanni tower by AlexeyRudikov
  2. Khajiithasmods
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    cant wait to see a 1.5gb overhaul *made in 48 hours* winning this
  3. Danae123
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    **Winter Modjam Results are in!**
    Stay tuned for the next event in May
  4. SCARaw
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    be me
    Burned out from playing this 20y old trash of a game on my android phone
    hating journal UI, but being to dumb to mod new journal for android openmw
    trying to find idea for a mod that i would like, that wasn't done for last 20 years of modding this junk and could be done by me in current situation
    get back to writing code and ignore everything here
    good luck guys
  5. Danae123
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    Some pre-results:
    Top rating: 7.9
    Lowest rating: 3.4
    Average rating: 5.9
    17 mods out of  21 rated between 5 and 6 >> results were super tight.
    **Full results today at 8pm UCT during the livestream.**
    - winners
    - special awards
    - guest modders and judges
    Modders and Judges who want to should join the MMC channel **#winter-modjam-stream**. Roles modjam-dev and modjam-judges have access. Mute yourself when you join.
  6. aihre
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    I recently played Morrowind for the first time (long-time Skyrim player), after following a guide to install various graphics and "modernizing" mods. I've fallen completely in love with the world and story, and am doing a second playthrough with even more mods - many of which were made during past Modathons.

    Big thanks to the modding community for contributing to my great game experience. I understand now why Morrowind is so loved - it IS a wonderful game on its own, and is even better with mods. Can't wait to see what you create.
    1. freakuac
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      Your comment(and all people keep the game alive) makes me wanna reinstall and re-play Morrowind from the very beginning to fulfill my old plan, after all these years. I miss Vvardenfell, and I just broke my aged loyal video card for newer games . I had to quit back in 2012 I guess? Because I accidentally lost my main save(since 2003) and I'm kinda an one-char-one-playthrough-per-world RPG player.

      Yeah Morrowind deserves so much love. Thanks all.
    2. Danae123
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      • 330 kudos
      Happy Morrowinding! So much has happened since 2012, you're in for a ride! :D
    3. xandru63
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      Do it! You´ll enjoy it so much!
    4. freakuac
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      • 52 kudos
      Any crucial tip for old "new" players? Well, I'm sort of a n'wah now.

      1. Original CDs or Steam/GoG versions?
      I just found my old 2002 retail version and later GOTY CDs, not sure if I should proceed or get a Steam/GoG version instead, to avoid future potential issues. For example, will I have to insert the CD to play every time? (afaik MCP doesn't "fix" that, thus should i crack myself?)

      Been used to be able to play MW(with MCP&MGE) around 2010s upon my very original installation(almost never reinstalled), I ported/copied it from older disks to newer ones, which was fine IIRC. I can't recall a lot of details, though, it has been a very long while.

      2. OpenMW optional, essential, or somehow needed under certain circumstances?
      MGE XE doesn't seem to be usable with OpenMW, and most mods depend on either only.
      I'm not an eyecandy person for the moment, assumingly. So I have to choose one, right?
      Since I'm aiming to play Tamriel Rebuilt(which soft requires MGE), is it recommended to play the project on OpenMW?

      3. Major lore pieces I missed?
      I kept an eye on TES lore when I still played Oblivion and Skyrim, even a bit ESO (betas and MW DLC).
      Without a doubt The Red Year was the one hit me the most. Never had a chance to read the 2 novels thoroughly but I knew vaguely what happened. That as well changed the course forever I played TES games and then finally quit the mess with my old saves gone. Half of my playtime during Skyrim I swear was to find a cure or salvation for the tragedy that made the Nerevarine's journey/prophecy a scam, where I found none.

      I also knew and studied unofficial ones such as C0DA or even the notorious The Trial of Vivec.
      What I care mostly now is about Vvardenfell/Morrowind itself, everything canon after 4E will be redundant for my future roleplaying plan in Morrowind. It(Red Year) is like an itch in the back that keeps haunting and pulling me back to this beloved volcanic island.
      Is there something happened these years I need to take a look?

      4. Suggested place to ask more "nasty" questions?
      From hard-to-solve technical issues to deep lore and modding, you decide. (such as asking for a mod list to reverse what the novels did to Baar Dau or Red Mt. Or to prevent it.)
      I rarely use Nexus forums but mod pages and image sharing. Reddit/MW looks fine but I'm seeking a more "diehard" place/community for MW veterans. I heard Beth forum relocated to Discord and now many modders lean to somewhere based on it(Discord) other than traditional forums.

      5. Other questions
      Also need suggestions about which mod organizer suits me best (personally was a Wrye Masher), could it be a perfect chance/touchstone to test the upcoming Collections via Vortex(?)...etc. since I'm to start it all over anew? But that would be too much here for the moment so I'll investigate it on my own or ask them somewhere elses later.

      Thanks in advance for anyone taking the time reading. Anything.
    5. Danae123
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      1. I find GOG to be the best, it installs the official Beth plugins and the CS. Stream version does not have the CS. It depends if you want to mod or not :) Personally, I still have my GOTY CD but bought the game  off GOG for less than 10$ for ease of use.

      2. OpenMW only requires the Data Files from the game, it also doesn't use MCP so that could be your answer to question 1 as well :)
      Generally speaking, OpenMW is superior "out of the box" is has QoL and graphic improvements without the need for mods. It is reported to be more stable and runs natively on Linux.
      That being said a modded install with MGEXE will be superior to a modded install on OpenMW because it can run the most modern mods.

      3. The lore remains very vague about the Nerevarine after the events of MW, this is probably due to the fact that ANY story Beth comes up with will clash with the personal story of millions of players. is pretty active and the lore channel in the mmc discord as well (see 4.)

      4. Questions about modding? The Morrowind Modding Discord is the best, hands down. Some of us do keep an eye on reddit r/tes3mods but discord is the new Beth MW forum :)

      5. If you have used MO2 with other games, I'd suggest you keep using it for MW. I prefer Wrye Mash because it is faster (my modlist is HUGE and I can't strand waiting for MO2 to create the virtual files everytime I need to play/mod/use a modding utility) but also because it lets you manage and clean saves which MO2. Even if you lean toward MO2, you'll need wrye mash to repair your saved games.
      That's my in-depth Wrye Mash guide:
      Vortex is notoriously not good with MW mods (the files structures vary too much and sadly we need tool to clean the mods which Vortex doesn't.

      Hope this helps!

    6. freakuac
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      • 52 kudos
      Thanks for the helpful answers in detail! Been busy working on preparing my stuff all day for the return, good old days.

      Just curious, does anyone try to install 2 separate MW games for the both OMW & MGE, or I just need one same MW folder and can use both without fear?

      Lately, yes, the faster the better! Pity that using Vortex may not be a wise choice to play the very game that founded the site from the beginning. Guess I can't expect a modern mod organizer built for newer games, younger players, and more "modular" mods too much.
    7. Danae123
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      Many do. Personally, I have a clean install of MW, zero mods that OpenMW uses, and another install modded to hell.
      Fun fact, you can copy-paste your whole MW folder as many times as you want and voila, multiple installs of MW.

      I'd argue that back in the days, Planet Elder Scrolls had way bigger traffic than Nexus for Morrowind but that's not important.
      Vortex is getting a lot of updates recently because of the introduction of collections, I have not tested it with MW in a very long time, might be better but I assume most of the development is geared towards more modern and arguably more successful games.
    8. freakuac
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      • 52 kudos
      Just want to report what I experienced over the past few days, what a wild ride. Thanks a bunch again!

      First spent a full off-day re-installing and exploring my options in blind. Opened tabs and tabs of MW related pages like a virus in my browser nonstop. And surfed/reviewed again the tes lore I need to plan the "new" journey roughly.

      Made up the mind to go for MGE/Mash route first, made it into the game (everything vanilla) the first time over the decade. Walked through the introduction to feel the nostalgia, while capturing screens like crazy. Spent the sleepless night setting everything up and testing fresh basic mods I never tried before. Finally created my race mod also the first in the decade, where I barely recalled how to "drag/add" or "delete" the racial power/abilities.

      Then the next day encountered a Wrye Mash issue that stops the program from working entirely, after hours of almost-given-up investigation I found the culprit, a very old armor plugin which I could only find in a Russian language site, that contains characters Mash can't read in its description. Fixed it as needed and continued my journey.

      In latest venture, accidentally(?) killed the first ever person in MW, poor Ra'Kothre, in Tel Vos, during the self-defence when a scamp attacked me in the corner for no reason. The khajiit later joined the fight (might be my spell area effect, but I got no bounty or at least no one saw the "murder") after the scamp was finished, died like a hero and contributed a shining glass axe, which is worth 12000 septims!

  7. alexpublius
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    Given that 'Great Houses' is one of the themes for this modjam, I *really* hope some contributors will put together a few mods for House Hlaalu. Unlike either House Redoran or House Telvanni, there are very few options for either stronghold overhauls or upper-level quest mods for Hlaalu players, and even fewer that don't have massive compatibility problems with other common mods.

    If you're looking for ideas, please consider the plight of those poor rich Hlaalu players, who truly prove the maxim that 'money can't buy you happiness'.
    1. Danae123
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      • 330 kudos
      Looks like Hlaalu didn't get any love this time round :(
      Then again, it's a 48-hour modjam, overhauling any stronghold in that time would be very hard ;)
  8. Danae123
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    • 330 kudos
    Your themes are...
    Great House (no, this is not a joke)
    Obscure Lore (Thank you Safebox and Lucevar!)

    Pick one, use both, your call!
    See you in 48+ hours!

    Results next weekend.
    1. Stigir
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      • 17 kudos
      Thanks! I missed the stream, but I just rewatched it anyways. Hopefully I have time to make a small contribution! Either way, I'm

      Thanks for working on this!
    2. freakuac
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      • 52 kudos
      Bump. No, Levitate.
    3. Danae123
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      • 330 kudos
      Looking forward to seeing your mod!
      Here's the modjam banner for your Nexus page :
  9. davidiamond321
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    1. Danae123
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      • 330 kudos
      There are a bunch of tutorials, DarkElfGuy's and my own.
  10. NWILCOX217
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    I didn't know Morrowind's modding community was active enough for a competition
    1. darkelfguy
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      • 220 kudos
      We have several actually, the seasonal Modjams are some of the smaller ones, but the biggest is the annual Morrowind May Modathon Month Modding Competition, hosted here on the Nexus every year in May. That one has been running since 2015 and draws hundreds of mod submissions each year.

      Our community has been growing steadily for years now, surpassing both Oblivion and Fallout 3 in terms of active modders and number of new mod releases in the past three years, and with Morrowind's 20th anniversary on the horizon, we'll doubtless be organizing even more modding competitions throughout the year.
    2. Danae123
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      Here's an article about Morrowind Modding events?.
      Last year, we also had the first Starwind Modding Competition: we basically never stop modding :D