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Vanilla Journal Font is hard to read. Created a beautiful new one, which doesn't strain the eyes. Enjoy!

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If you play this game on a small monitor - or on a laptop - so on
relatively low resolution, then you might have noticed that the journal
font is not easy on the eyes and after a few minutes its eye-straining =
hard to read. Here is a fantastic little MOD that enlarges the journal
font and lets you read it with pleasure!

+ Fixed everything on the longest so far journal page titled: "Magic Essentials, Vol II."
+ Truncated overlong fonts, fixed kerning everywhere
Result is the longest journal entry now nicely fits onto the page. Also I
increased the line-spacing, since with the new fixes, now this hand-made
font has enough space.
+ Everything looks very snazzy, tidy and ergonomic now.
.. Maybe later I'll restore the poor "q" that has been truncated by 1 pixel..
Let's see more long journal entries from the game first.

In v1.1 of this mod - I went ahead and created a custom, hand-made font, that doesn't overflow at all and is just so nice to read. The entire
game now has become an amazing leisure activity and exciting adventure!