Vampire Survivors
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Provides almost all available Power Ups with more levels (up to 6) for even more late game progression. Includes adjusted translations for all languages.

Permissions and credits

Almost all of the 12 Power Ups available in the game had their maximum level increased to 6. This allows for way more late game progression but the additional levels come at a high price (Gold Coins). Excluded from that change are the following four Power Ups:
  1. Omni
  2. Reroll
  3. Skip
  4. Banish

The mod also includes adjusted translations for all supported languages. If you stumble upon a mistranslation please report it to me and include a suggestion for improvement so I can fix it.

Install Instructions

Just to be safe you should make a backup of your save/s (always a good idea when tinkering with game files) and reset your Power Ups before installing the mod. Once installed you can reapply them.

First download the archive. Then extract it with an archive tool that can process the 7z format (7zip, NanaZip, etc.) into your game's root folder. If you don't know where you installed Steam follow these few steps to locate the game:
  1. Open Steam UI.
  2. Go to Library.
  3. Right-click on Vampire Survivors.
  4. In the context menu hover "Manage" and select "Browse local files".
  5. The Windows File Explorer should open in the game's root folder.
When you extract or copy the files from the mod into your game's root folder you should be prompted to overwrite two files. Either directly overwrite them or make a backup. If you don't make a backup you can always restore them via Steam's "Verify integrity of game files" feature.