Vampire Survivors

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Korcc and Kekos

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Configurable set of the quality of life mods

Works with the latest 0.11.306

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Make sure that you ve read installation guide


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This mod adds a secondary option menu in which the user can select which mods they want enabled or disabled.

Each single modification can be turned off in that way. 

This mod includes certain mods such as:

  1. Debug mode
  2. Limit broken stats data
  3. Colored chests(purple - contains arcana, gold - contains evolution, default - base chest)
  4. Chests options(skip and auto-confirm any type of a chest)
  5. Guide to a big enough gems
  6. Colored guides
  7. Starting arcanas amount ticker
  8. Max arcanas ticker
  9. Extended candybox
  10. Candybox for everyne
  11. Last {3-9} seconds weapons' DPS data
  12. Last {3-9} seconds kills per second data
  13. Last {3-9} seconds coins per second data
  14. Max weapons and passives ticker
  15. Chests options: colored chests; spawn chests on player; chests skip and auto-confirm
  16. Magnet options: instant magnet; pickups interractions with magnet options
  17. Limit break options(more weigth = higher priority to choose)
  18. Restart button

More to come with future updates

Note: This mod edits save file data in order to maintain the settings on launch, if you are concerned with this fact then make a backup of your savefile.sav

Note2: Mod's uninstallation will also revert save file changes done by mod, while default game data wont be reverted, so you can keep your progress after uninstalling this mod

Mod installation

Text guide:
  1. Download archive from main files
  2. Unpack archive into Steam\steamapps\common\Vampire Survivors\resources\app\.webpack\renderer with replacement
  3. Make sure that you replaced ALL files(including index.html, this is the launch point of mod loader itself) - there is "Date modified" column, mod_loader folder and index.html should have the same date modified, if it doesnt match - drag it properly

Video guide:

  • Note that main.bundle.js is not modified at all, so you can apply any main.bundle.js mods(until they would change functions, which qol mod changes, in some specific way)
  • But keep in mind that qol mod overwrites some functions, so your own mod wont work correctly if you would modify those functions, just create another mod for modloader in that case

Mod uninstallation
  1. Go to Steam library
  2. Right click on Vampire Survivors
  3. Properties -> Local files -> Verify integrity of game files
  4. [Optionally] Remove mod_loader folder in Steam\steamapps\common\Vampire Survivors\resources\app\.webpack\renderer, but keep in mind that this folder is not used anywhere after doing Step 3