Vampire Survivors

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Pokémon versus Vampires! (Maybe! The roast chicken is tasty though.)

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Pokémon in Vampire Survivors!

How did it happen?

Arceus decided that it would be a good idea to expose a couple of strong, iron-willed Pokémon
to the dangers of rapid-wave, non-turn-based gameplay - so here we are!

Who all is here?

A small assortment of Pokémon - some small, some big, but all of them are ready and rearing to kick some vampire butt!

Wait, how do I install this?

Open the .zip file and copy its contents into this directory:
steamapps\common\Vampire Survivors\resources\app\.webpack\renderer
There's also a streamer-safe version that installs the same way, but with no custom music.
This mod's currently made for the non-beta version, so make sure within Steam that your client is not opted into the public beta branch.

Ok cool, but gimme the tl;dr.

Several Pokémon beat up some zombies.
There's a couple of hidden ones as well, and achievements to get to them! (6 in total so far)
Check the readme file for hints to the achievements if you're stuck.
(These characters are mainly tuned for Hyper/Hurry mode/after you've gotten ~50% of the upgrades.)
They are fully retuned characters, not just sprite replacements - and they get stronger as they level up in their own, unique ways!


Several folks ripping sprites on TSR, along with a couple music picks for each character.
(Full credits are listed under the Credits file within the .zip file.)


8/20/22: Updated to 0.11.107. +10 Pokémon, +5 Achievements, +1 Hidden Spell.
7/24/22: Updated to 0.9.106. +11 Pokémon, +5 Achievements.
7/20/22: Updated to 0.8.270.
6/19/22: +10 Pokémon, +5 Achievements.
6/11/22: Original release, 10 Pokémon.