Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines

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A reskin for Nines Rodriguez, the Anarch leader.

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Update 20/04/2019 - Because the Unofficial Patch uses different names for Nines' files in his "damaged" state after a certain quest, the default paths won't work and you'll get a big MISSING sign or it won't show up  - download the Updated file if this happened to you! (sorry about this, I only realised it after getting to that point in the game myself...)

Nines is one of my favourite characters, and I've always hated how low-res his clothes were, so this is my attempt at improving them while making him look the way I envision him.

Nines grew up poor during the Great Depression, so I imagine him as a simple working man, living in the slums, trying to make ends meet. His original outfit already had that vibe, but I thought it could be improved by the addition of a vintage Levi's denim jacket (which has seen better days; Nines has probably worn it for a good long time), higher res top (cleaner, even if not pristine) and pants that are not a blurry seam-ridden mess. Woo! 

I also reworked his various accessories, improving them or changing them in places (the rings were a bit tacky IMO, so I gave him two new ones).

The "damaged" version which he uses after a certain quest is included too.

That's about it. Enjoy!