Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines
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I have some simple tweaks for gameplay, backstories, etc. i want to create and share, this is the place.

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The Final Nights:

  1. Assamites backstory detailed description. It's just adds a short description about what type of Abilities cost more or less instead of "Path of Gifted/Professional/Scholar". Look up for screenshots. 
  2. Humanity System Tweaks. Now you won't fall below 3 humanity because of Osebo or Ishtarri clan weaknesses. Killing civilians only gets you as low as 3 dots. On top of that to get executed you now have to drop to 0 humanity, which is only possible through picking heinous resolutions for quests which allow that. Least but not last, you get -1 dot in humanity for stealing (Bank accounts, robing stashes) only if you have your overall Humanity rating as 7 or higher.


  1. Skip tutorial. Choosing to decline (bottom dialogue response) Jack's help at the start gives you XP, all items (weapons, lockpick) and a note in the journal as if you actually completed the tutorial in full.
  2. Removes Dexterity penalties from outfits. In case Antitribu mod also removes penalties from Shoulderpads, Hockey Mask and some other items.