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  • v1.3

    Bug fixes / Improvements:

    I changed how the mod stores its extended/temporary data in an attempt to avoid hurting the game's performance in the long run.

    New Features:

    Class Control was added (read more below).

    New Configs (check all configs here):

    Added CONFIG to adjust the class control level.


    Right now (with enough time and patience) any character can max all classes to level 100. This is fine, but some people requested some way to force characters to pick a single class and only use runes from it. So, to make everyone happy, I added a new feature called Class Control. It's a number between 0 and 100 (defaulted to 20) that you can set on the mods configuration, a...

  • v1.2.3

    Bug fixes:

    Improving visibility updates so the hotkey's bar won't appear alongside the building panel.
    Runic buffs should now correctly be removed when the rune expires.
    Fixing error related to hotkeys-bar being disabled.
    Fixing errors related to craft-all being disabled.


    Inventory spellsbar's position now defaulted to bottom.

  • Feedback

    Please leave feedback!! Thanks....

  • Early test version of the drawbridge

    Thought I'd update everyone on one of the items I'm making. Here is an early test version of the drawbridge. Please note, nothing about it is final. Still a lot of work to go on it.

  • PvP Battlegrounds Map

    World save with PvP in mind.

    About this Map:

    PvP Centric, the map is setup as a 4 point mirror. There are certain design details that are not, All spawns are present.

    I can also create a non pvp style map if there is an interest. As this map is, it is difficult to get outside of the border without devcommands....

  • The Great Hall

    This is a Great Hall with Docks for 3 boats, Courtyard with Crop Plots, and a Moat built of Stone. You have 2 work areas that include fully upgraded Workbench, Stonecutter, Forge, and Artisan Table. You will need a 100x120 flat area to place with a "Y: 1" value to elevate it a little. Native terrain included, so minor modifications should be expected. Ensure you are placing this near a large water area for the Docks. You can adjust/change as desired once placed. File format is .vbuild created by Buildshare addon....

  • Nordheim 1.2.0

    - Added more plains to the center of the map,
    - Added more swamp to the North Eastern part of the map.
    - Added more Mistlands and Ashlands to the North Eastern part of the map....

  • The Watch Tower

    This is a round Watch Tower. This was the highest I was able to actually build. It takes up a 25x25 square area that needs to be flattened to place down. Use Buildshare mod to easily flatten and place this in your world.


  • 0.9.7

    0.9.7 Changelog
    Fixed several FPS issues related to crafting from nearby sources.
    Addressed the issue of the Food rack deleting food resources.
    The game now mutes itself when in background with a configuration for it in the options menu.
    Fixed Structural Integrity not allowing placement in free air
    Changed default iron chest rows to 4 instead of 3
    Added auto deposit and auto pull for Windmill, Spinning Wheel and Fermenter
    Added configuration for Windmill, Spinning Wheel
    Fixed Torches and Fireplaces running out of fuel
    Added a option to merge items when collecting your tombstone items with already existing stacks of the same item type
    Fixed noMysticalForcesPreventPlacementRestriction
    Added a option to always skip the intro on...

  • v1.2.2

    Bug fixes:

    Fixing skill problem which was preventing the skill list to be displaying and games to be saved.

  • MedinsCastle

    High builded castle with 3 etages...

  • MedinsHouse

    First upload of a house i build. Nothing special, but good for playing the campaign so far......

  • Meads with an impact...

    Going to code in some meads you can craft ... You can finally turn your medium meads into strong meads :D 


  • Add server variables configuration and version enforcing using Mod Config Enforcer

    Based on request of


  • v1.2

    Bug fixes:

     Fixed bug that when picking up runes from the ground.

     You should now be able to craft runes if the spells' bar is 'full' but with free stacks.

     Fixed bug where crafting could grant extra runes when stacks were at 99.
     Fixed elemental damage not being applied right away with runes.

     You should now be able to cast runes using the right-modifier as well (right-alt, right-ctrl, right-shift).

    New features:

     Added "Craft All" button below the "Craft" button. When you click this, it'll start crafting the rune while there are materials available. Click again to stop.

     Most runes now have cooldowns. The cooldown reduces a bit as you level the class.

  • V0.0.4 - User Feedback based update

    Based on feedback re evaluated the impact of food items and recipe ingredients. 

  • V0.0.3 Incremental Release

    Added Strong Mead upon user suggestion. 

    Will be releasing V0.0.4 with more food items in a few days... after I finish the modeling ...

  • V0.0.2 Conflict fix update

    Fixed Conflicts when using Jam installed ...

  • Valheim Font List