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The mod is successor to AthleticsSkill by spacechase0 ( It adds multilanguage support and the opportunity to gain progress by pulling wagon.

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Valheim Athletics Skill

Based on work by spacechase0 (

Source code of plugin available at github:

It adds a new skill to the game which increase your carry weight depending on level of skill. The level of skill will raise upon moving arround upon physically demanding (see details in Remarks below). All relevant parameters are configurable using Mod Config Enforcer.

Unzip the contents into your valheim BepInEx/plugin directory. That's it.

Remove the files ValheimAthletics.dll and the assets/German.lng, assets/English.lng and assets/skill_athletics.png.

As mentioned above, the basic work has been done by spacechase0. I used the already done work and changed the behaviour of gaining skill progress, which was bit "unatural". The progress is now postponed to a defined time span of of 5 seconds. You have to overweight carry goods or pulling a wagon to gain progress in order to raise level.

With interface to Mod Config Enforcer ( a server-side configuration to clients may be enforced in order to control the 

  • MinimumStamina
  • The lower bound stamina value where leveling is not possible
  • MinimumMoveDirectionMagnitude
  • The minimum distance to move based on vector where counter is increased.
  • MinimumTimeDifferenceInSeconds
  • The minimum number of seconds between level raise
  • SkillRaiseInterval
  • The level raise interval
  • MaxCarryWeightFactor
  • The factor to multiply on current skill level and add to max carry weight

You may want to change these values in your configuration file "BepInEx/config/ValheimAthletics.Skill.cfg" either on server or client side.