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Simple UI mod to display the in-game day & time in the HUD above the minimap.

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Display Day & Time in HUD


Simple UI mod to display the in-game day & time in the HUD above the minimap.
The panel game object with the day & time in it, is added as a child to the hudroot of the game, so it should only be visible when the HUD is visible.



The configuration file will be generated when the game runs with this mod installed.
You can find the configuration file for this mod under the Valheim directory: BepInEx\config\oryxen.valheim.ui.displaydaytime.cfg

Configuration settings you can change:

  • Display under minimap: set to "false" as default value (if set to false, the mod displays above the minimap).
  • Display time: set to "true" as default.
  • Display day: set to "true" as default.
  • 24-hour clock: set to "true" as default (if set to false, it will display the time in 12-hour notation).
  • Display background: set to "true" as default.
  • Font name: set "AveriaSansLibre-Bold" as default, if font does not exist in resources "AveriaSansLibre-Bold" will be set.
  • Font size: set to 16 as default.
  • Font color: set to RGBA(1, 1, 1, 0.791) as default.
  • Background color: set to RGBA(0, 0, 0, 0.3921569) as default.
  • Text outline color: set to black as default.
  • Text outline enabled: to to "true" as default.
  • Margin between minimap and this panel: set to 0 as default.
  • Padding left and right between text and border: set to 10 as default.
  • Reverse text position: set to "false" as default, if set to "true", time will display to the left and day will display to the right.
  • Panel width: set to 200 as default.
  • Panel height: set to 30 as default.

Manual installation

  • Install BepInEx from the links below.
  • Download and extract the file.
  • Move the file Oryxen.Valheim.UI.DisplayDayTime.dll into BepInEx\plugins (you can find this directory under your Valheim directory).
  • Run the game!
  • Optional: you can edit the configuration file under BepInEx\config\oryxen.valheim.ui.displaydaytime.cfg to change the settings to your liking.