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Add multiple NPCs to the game, new PETS, more Magic mead's, and a QUEST System.(Dedicated Version Requires installed to both client and server unless offline playing.)

Permissions and credits

+++OdinPlus BETA+++

0.2.5 Makes Odin spawn where you ever you want so you can setup custom locations such as GB's Portal Hub by Gravebear

Be sure to view the configuration section for instructions.

Why is Odin just creeping around watching us? We're trying to clean this world for him... Shouldn't he help us a bit too? Well, with this mod Odin gives you more then enough help to overcome the deadly foes of Valheim.

This mod adds multiple NPC's to the game; ODIN himself, the mystical Munin, a friendly Goblin Shaman, and even a Magical Cauldron to purchase custom items and buffs!

With this mod you can:

_Set Odin's Position with custom locations setup custom items that Odin will purchase!_

___Summon a Wolf with backpack___

___Summon a Troll that attacks on command!___

___Buy more powerful magic mead's from Odin's Cauldron___

___Take on new Quests___

___Hunt powerful monsters (stronger than the vanilla game's monsters)___

___Level up a skill by choice___

___Dig more valuable treasure!___

___Find quest items in Dungeons___

---Installation and Config---


  • Like all other mods, put the odinplus.dll file in Valheim\BepInEx\plugins folder and run the game.
  • The config file will show up in Valheim\BepInEx\
  • This mod requires saved to both the server and client Bepinex Plugins Folder!

 Secondary interaction key, default is and can be changed within the Config.

Saved data for Odin Plus:

  • Save file for player data is in: AppData\LocalLow\IronGate\Valheim or your location of your player data save on your server.
  • Saved-Data: [playername]_[worldname].odinplus

Advanced Config Options:


How to set up an Odin spawn position on my server or map.


Currently known conflicts or issues

 Mods that change vanilla monsters' difficulty may conflict or not scale properly due to the way they may set "all" spawns
at higher difficulty such as "Creature Level Loot Control" or "Trial's of Odin". It may be better to "scale down those creature settings" to normal "if being used with Odin Plus".

This mod may also conflict with mods that are using some Zone System restrictions and may cause Odin not to spawn in
some locations.

 Odin Plus Saved data may need to be deleted if you should experience issues after running later
versions, this is a BETA so changes may not update the Player saved data
if an early release was played. This is located in your:  \appData\LocalLow\IronGate\Valheim and will contain "OdinPlus" in the title.

 This mod won't share between worlds! Every world and every character has an unique save file and some quests
will need abandon at Munin if you should join another World to do more quests!

 It's highly recommend you start a new world and character to get the full experience of this mod!
For multiplayer/Dedicated ,everyone must have this mod installed including installed to the server!

!---How to play---?

Odin should spawn near your Circle of Stones.....
If you can't find Odin,type /odinhere in the chat window!
This mod intorduces a new coin to the game, Odin Credits. You can trade all the trophies and most of the useless items with Odin to get credits, then use them to buy items or level up your skill. The items that can be sold can be customized, check the config part of this page.

Put an item in your hot-bar and press the hotkey while you hover on Odin to trade with him,also the shaman and munin.

whole item trade list,check here


You will have 100 credits at beginning, use them wisely!

The Cauldron is just like the normal store, but the meads will make your life much easier, just try them for yourself:

You can offer 3 wolf trophy's or 3 Troll trophy's to Shaman, and you will be given a Summon item. The icon is just like the normal trophy, but the quality is 3-4 Star Beast Companion, use it to summon pet

Press [G] or the hotkey set to open Wolf pack or make the troll Force attack.
wolf can live for 30 mins, toll lives 5 mins, but with a 20 min cool-down.

You can take up to Ten Quests at a time.
You take them from Munin, but you will encounter Hugin along the way as your guide to give you hints.
You can Switch the commands when scrolling over Munin and pressing the proper keybinding to change options.
Showlist: Hugin will tell you what quest do have, also an Abandon Quest Option, so you can give up a quest if needed.

Check the Valheim Compendium for Quest Details (Be sure to have Munin update this list)

all the quest will give a special item called Odin's Legacy, you can trade it with Odin to get credits! (drop model is goblin shaman trophy)

Notice the mark on the map is not accurate! That is on purpose... The location will be "Near" the marker.

There are 4 kinds of quest in the mod

For now it's just a side quest, based on how many bosses you killed, but you can find out I am trying to build a storyline for the game, for example the first treasure task will most likely lead you to a beehive, in my first game, i am struggling to find one...and some will lead you to boss rune stone, that's what i am trying to do with main task. A new storyline that can adapt to the world of Valheim.

When you defeated all 5 bosses, you will start get all the random task from all biomes, it's set to make the quests a bit harder to complete, currently I'm not aiming at endgame play but if you are still playing this mod after completing all your bosses then we hope the hunt helps to for fill your.

I haven't tested all the landmarks for all the tasks, so if you find some task cant be finished please report it to me on the forum here.

The time for spoilers is over, it's time for you to start your quest with OdinPlus!

---Dev log---

The mod is aimed to create a balance Quest system, a new story line and pre configured so won't go too deep into the configuration, but I'm open to all advice about balance.
I know lots of mods can do individual things like more mead's, more backpack space, run faster and so on.
but OdinPlus will have a balance system to try and reduce the need for these things and make everything reasonable.
The fun part of Valheim is that it doesn't work like traditional RPG games; mining, logging, and discovering.... So I wont add too much RPG stuff to this mod
For now, the quest system is RPG enough for now, the main quest will try to tell you a different story about this abandoned world with future updates.

==an new NPC let you hire human NPC, to fight for you, or guard your home
== new weapons and a Backpack, also with new slot Ring (or necklace)
==Mountable Dragon pet
==New Mini Boss
==Dungeon Quests

==assets like icons ,drop model
==more quest
==more meads

Authors Note:
 I will always have a few bugs, I am no pro-coder, but I love doing it and hope that you enjoy it as much as I have loved trying to produce this for you. Odin plus will be a long-term mod and keep updating, so I'm open to all the advice and ideas from you! I really hope you will enjoy this mod and thank you for taking the time to offer your support, it means the world to me!

---Volunteer Help Wanted---

1 an asset maker - I'm looking for someone who can make icons or 3d models for this mod..
2 writer - I'm poor at English, so if someone can write a story line for this mod, that will be awesome, I would love for more creative story boarding!
3 localization - if you want this mod to be translated to your native language.

PM me if you can have interests in anything above - this is a volunteer project and no donations are being accepted or given.

I use a local git repo, and also I'm not a pro coder so I am a bit ashamed to show my messy code to others due to how rude many can be... I'd like to keep the coding part to myself, but all code can be reviewed should you wish using DnSpy.


Confilcts,ideas,Feature Request ,Head to the forum
bug report to the bug section
find me at valheim mod dc, My name is Buzz