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Allows ModConfigEnforcer support for EpicLoot

Permissions and credits
Epic Loot Addon - MCE v1.0.2
Author: RandyKnapp
Source: Github
Patch Notes:

What does it do?
This mod addon allows EpicLoot config files to be enforced by the server using ModConfigEnforcer. All loot tables, recipes, even item names will be controlled by the server for all connected clients. Both clients and server are required to have this addon installed to get server enforced configs.

Currently Controlled by MCE

  • Config Value: Balance / Item Drop Limits
  • Config File: enchantcosts.json
  • Config File: iteminfo.json
  • Config File: itemnames.json
  • Config File: loottables.json
  • Config File: magiceffects.json
  • Config File: recipes.json

How to Install
For both the server and the client:
  1. Install EpicLoot (requires version 0.7.0 or later)
  2. Install ModConfigEnforcer (requires version 1.4.1 or later)
  3. Copy EpicLoot-Addon-MCE.dll to your BepInEx plugins folder