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A simple mod that improves the base game Auto Run functionality. Instead of running in a straight line in the direction the character is facing when enabling Auto Run, the player will run in the direction you aim your mouse. Has a few other little features such as Sprint Toggle and Stamina Reserve.

Permissions and credits
Better Auto Run

A BepInEx mod that allows your viking to sprint across the vast biomes with one hand! I found the original Autorun feature a little useless because you would soon get stuck running into a tree and have to stop Autorun to change directions or by holding down the right mouse button (cramp!). This solves that! You can enable Autorun then just use your mouse to direct your viking.

There is also Sprint toggle functionality which sprints until you hit a minimum stamina percentage, then waits to refill before sprinting again so you can be confident you'll have enough left in you to fight if you need to! You can adjust the stamina reserve amount in the config.


To install the mod, extract the contents of .zip into the "plugins" folder into "\BepInex\plugins".

Using the Mod

Just hit your usual Autorun keyboard shortcut! Tap the sprint button to toggle sprinting on/off.



IsEnabled = true

Is the mod enabled or not.

Setting type: Boolean
Default value: true


ToggleSprintEnabled = true

When true, allows you to toggle sprint on an off.

Setting type: Boolean
Default value: true

StaminaReservePercent = 0.2
Automatically disables the sprint toggle to reserve a percentage (0.0 - 1.0) of your available stamina.

Setting type: Single
Default value: 0.2