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Configure to choose what is keep on death. Creates graves for larger inventories.

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Gravekeeper Plugin for Valheim

Configure to choose what is keep on death. Creates graves for larger inventories.  

Configure to change what is kept on death.  
Can keep all items on death, equipped items, hotbar, and specific item categories.  
Take a look at the configuration section below to see what is available. These are the default values the config file will generate with.

Spawns extra graves if the first will not hold everything in your inventory. Configurable, but recommended to keep on.  
Option to spawn a grave with one stone in it if no graves would have spawned on death.  
Option to delete all items on death. Items KeepInventory would keep are still kept. Can choose specific item categories.

Both sections can be enabled/disabled independently.

Configuration may be done in game using: ConfigurationManager
Make sure your inventory is open before opening ConfigurationManager to display tooltips on options when you mouse over them.

You may also edit the config file manually.


## Should Gravekeeper modify what is kept on death?
## Turn on the below Keep options to change what is kept on death
## (If using ConfigManager, the Keep options are Advanced Settings)
# Setting type: Boolean
# Default value: true
Enabled = true

## Keep all items on death.
## If set to false, the below options can be set to true to allow for only keeping specific item types.
# Setting type: Boolean
# Default value: true
KeepAll = true

KeepHotbar = false
KeepEquipped = false
KeepEquipment = false
KeepOneHandedWeapons = false
KeepTwoHandedWeapons = false
KeepShields = false
KeepBows = false
KeepHelmets = false
KeepChests = false
KeepLegs = false
KeepHands = false
KeepShoulders = false
KeepUtility = false
KeepTorchs = false
KeepAmmo = false
KeepMaterials = false
KeepConsumables = false
KeepTrophies = false
KeepMisc = false
KeepTools = false


## Should Gravekeeper modify how graves are created?
## Enables this entire section
# Setting type: Boolean
# Default value: true
Enabled = true

## If no graves are to be created, create one with a stone in it.
# Setting type: Boolean
# Default value: false
KeepGrave = false

## Items that would go to the grave are deleted
## Control what gets deleted with the below Delete options(If using ConfigManager, the Delete options are Advanced Settings)
# Setting type: Boolean
# Default value: false
DeleteItems = false

## All items are deleted from the grave
## If set to false, the other Delete options can be set to true to allow for only deleting specific item types
# Setting type: Boolean
# Default value: true
DeleteAll = true

DeleteHotbar = false
DeleteEquipped = false
DeleteEquipment = false
DeleteOneHandedWeapons = false
DeleteTwoHandedWeapons = false
DeleteShields = false
DeleteBows = false
DeleteHelmets = false
DeleteChests = false
DeleteLegs = false
DeleteHands = false
DeleteShoulders = false
DeleteUtility = false
DeleteTorchs = false
DeleteAmmo = false
DeleteMaterials = false
DeleteConsumables = false
DeleteTrophies = false
DeleteMisc = false
DeleteTools = false

1. Download and install BepInEx Valheim
2. Download this mod and move the `Gravekeeper.dll` into `<GameLocation>\BepInEx\plugins`
3. Launching the game will generate a config file at `<GameLocation>\BepInEx\config`

- v2.2.0
    - added the same Keep options to DeleteItems so that you may choose what is destroyed from the grave.
    - compatibility with [ConfigurationManager](https://github.com/BepInEx/BepInEx.ConfigurationManager) for ingame modification
- v2.1.1
    - added extra options for KeepInventory
        - Equipment - checks  `ItemDrop.ItemData.IsEquipable()`
        - Most `ItemDrop.ItemData.ItemTypes`
    - KeepInventory will keep quest items so they aren't accidentally deleted if the Grave DeleteItems option is true
- v2.1.0
    - added back option to keep grave on death
    - option to delete items on death - item that match the KeepInventory flags are still kept
    - KeepInventory Enabled flag was accidentally set to false by default
- v2.0.0
    - refoctored code
    - new config values - make sure to set them
    - added ability to keep hotbar, equipment, consumables, and ammo. still has keep all option
    - added handling for grave creation
        - creates an extra grave if the original would not contain everything in the players inventory
- v1.2.0  
    - new icon - no one told me that was the back of the gravestone XD  
    - under the hood - now prevents items from moving to grave at all. used to MoveAll items from grave inventory back to players inventory  
    - now has a config  
        - KeepGravestone(false) - option to keep gravestone in world (1 stone added grave inventory)  
        - KeepItemsEquipped(true) - option to unequip items when player dies 
- v1.1.2
    - updated readme, mod does not generate a config file
- v1.1.1
    - fix readme dll name and typos
- v1.1.0
    - readme changes - installation steps and changelog
    - refactor code for simplification
- v1.0.0
    - initial mod creation
    - gives your items back to you after you die

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