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Adds a grappling hook that allows you to mount and attack monsters, sort of like Monster Hunter.

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UPDATE: The grappling hook has been modified, I'm pretty sure this is broken. I'm going to update it shortly, probably to use Jotunn for cleaner code and functionality.

This mod adds an experimental grappling hook that can be hotkeyed out of the inventory and allows you to mount and attack monsters, sort of like the mounting in Monster Hunter. I mostly wanted to try out a number of new gameplay modification approach ideas I had, so there may be some (many?) bugs. Concept was edited due to some copyright issues with my presentation. I may add additional ideas in the future.


- New grappling hook weapon that pulls you to and lets you mount monsters.
- Configurable hotkey to throw grappling hook from inventory (G by default).
- Dismount by blocking.
- Stamina drain to prevent mounting forever.
- Fall damage is disabled while holding hook in inventory. Optionally use experimental approach where fall damage is negated once after grappling, but it is not 100% consistent (you may die).
- Optionally have camera unlocked after mounting monster.
- Monster is forced to target something else while the player is mounted.
- Crafting recipe currently takes one deer hide at a basic workstation. Might make it more expensive later for balance, but this is mostly just for fun for now.

Known issues:
- I don't know if this will work correctly in multiplayer and especially pvp.
- Hit boxes and mount position are weird sometimes.
- Probably some bugs.

I'm going to put up a guide on how I did some of this soon. For now, feel free to take a look at/use some of the code if you want. Or, if you're a developer and want to add/fix something, I'll probably approve a pull request if you make one. It's a bit messy though, I've warned you.

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