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Skilled Crafting requires skills to craft certain items!

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Skilled Crafting
Level up skills in order to craft the items you need and feel like you've earned it!

UI Notifications now configurable between standard (pop up when you discover the materials) and Skilled Crafting Override (Pops up when you have discovered the materials and reached the minimum level requirement). Skilled Crafting Override is default, configurable in config file!

By default you need a sword level of 20 to craft an Iron Sword

Fully configurable! Can change both skill type and level requirements for each item type!

  • Added new configurable feature! You now have to earn the skill to not only craft the item, but also to use it! Added difficulty!
  • This new feature is optional (see config file)

  • Changed skill for Bronze Sword to Clubs and Bronze Atgeir to Spears, due to the bronze level items being the first items for their respective skills
  • Added configuration to allow this to be overriden with the configured skill for swords and polearms respectively
  • Removed unnecessary console logging (oops)


  • Added tooltip to skills dialog which shows you the next unlock for each skill that has a locked requirement


  • Added new default override for discovering recipes for items locked behind skill requirements! By default, recipes will not be learned by the player until they have discovered both the materials needed and leveled up the relevant skill sufficiently.
  • Fixed issue where if you hadn't gotten any xp in a skill yet you could discover the relevant item without leveling 
  • Fixed minor issue where hovering over the craft button would still show the level required message even when you can craft it

  • Made all skill requirements fully configurable (so ya'll annoyed by blocking can pick another skill for armour xD)

  • Requirement level now shown in item description at the bottom i.e. "Requires Lvl 20 in Wood cutting"

  • Recipes no longer hidden when not craftable due to level
  • Recipes now display as greyed out (non craftable) and if you have all materials shows a tooltip message on the craft button telling you what level you need to craft it.
  • Added config option to choose between Wood Cutting, Axes or Both for the skill that affects Axe crafting
  • Fixed issue where it would stop you crafting level locked items even when player enabled cheats and no placement cost mode

  • Fixed error on startup, trying to register duplicate recipe requirement

  • Initial release

Planned Developments:

Default Level Requirements:
Leather: 5
Bronze: 10
Iron: 20
Silver: 30
Black metal: 40