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Minimalist mod that lets you view and reorder the queue of ores in your smelter.

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(Mod was originally uploaded as "ForgeViewer", quickly corrected.)

This mod allows you to view the queue of ores currently in your smelter. It also allows you to switch the view type from a list to a grouped view, and the ability to reorder ores so you can get a certain type of metal first if you need it. This is a minimalist mod, it is not intended to be a complete forge overhaul, just adding a few options to make forges more user-friendly.

+ Mod only functions while looking at the ore port of a smelter.
+ Press hotkey (X/Sit by default, configurable) to swap between two view types, List View or Group View.
+ Press hotkey (C/Walk by default, configurable) to cycle the order of ores in your smelter's queue. Works while smelting is already in progress, choose which type of metal comes out next.
+ Configurable text size.
+ Configurable text colors per ore.
+ Full support for custom ores, as long as they use the regular smelter.

Flavor text will also be shown when the kick connects. If you don't like it, you can turn it off or customize it.

Config file located in [GameFolder]\BepInEx\config\KZ.SmelterViewer.cfg, will be generated after the first launch of the game when the mod is properly installed. Change the config in your text editor of choice, such as Notepad++.

Requires BepInEX to run. Look up a guide for how to do this for Valheim, or install the ValheimPlus mod as a prerequisite as that comes with BepInEX bundled in. To install this mod, drag the .DLL file into the BepInEX plugins folder.

This mod works well in singleplayer, and *seems* to work in multiplayer. It has not been tested on dedicated servers. This may be considered cheating by some, so do not use it on a server where you do not have permission to use it. In particular the "Reorder" function tries to make server-side changes so if an anti-cheat system detects this, you might get banned from the server.

You can find me on the Valheim Modding discord if you want to chat:

Source for this mod available via GitHub: