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Fix a current issue (2021/02/19) with Valheim multiplayer desyncs, involving increasing a send limit that is too low.

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A Simple Fix To Valheim Multiplayer Desync

Fixes an issue discovered in Valheim's multiplayer implementation, more details here:

This mod implements the same fix as described in the linked page, without requiring any editing of game files.


  1. Install BepInEx following the instructions at the link.
  2. Extract the mod download into your Valheim game directory (where valheim.exe or valheim_server.exe are). If installed correctly, you will see the mod dll in the <Valheim>/BepInEx/plugins folder.
  3. The plugin will print messages to the BepInEx console, server console (dedicated only), and in game console (F5, host only), so you can confirm it is working.


The default values should serve, but if you wish to change them:

After installing the mod, run the game one time and exit. This will create a basic configuration file.

Then navigate to <Valheim>/BepInEx/config and edit the settings in "org.joethedestroyer.valheim.ChangeZDOManSendLimit.cfg".


1) Is this needed on the host or dedicated server?


2) Is this needed on clients?

Probably not. Both from looking at the game's code, and experiments in my own community, it looks like having it installed on the server is sufficient.

3) Other mods already implement this fix, why another?

Other mods have a tendency for feature creep, conflating fixes and game changes together. I prefer a simple mod that does one thing. If other features are needed, that's what other mods are for.

4) I'm still getting desyncs, did the fix not work?

This isn't a complete fix, that is a very hard problem that will mostly have to be left to the game's developers. This fix addresses one specific, easy-to-fix issue that we have identified.

In general, the game is known to be fairly sensitive to latency (ping). Unfortunately, if you are playing with a group from all over the globe, large differences in ping will make desyncs more likely.