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Allows you to attach carts to tamed boars, wolves, and loxen.

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This mod allows you to attach your cart to tamed boars, wolves, and lox.

  • The cart is attached to an animal by interacting with the cart's handles while it is close to an animal. It can be detached in the same way.
  • If no animal is within range, but the player is, it will attach to them as normal.
  • Tamed boars and lox can now be commanded to follow the player in the same manner as wolves in vanilla Valheim. This can be customized in the
  • Animals are able to pull heavier carts than the player can, larger animals can pull heavier carts than smaller animals.

Known Issues:
  • Currently If a player leaves the area ) after attaching a cart to an animal (e.g., teleporting away or quitting the game) the cart will detach even if other players are still in the area, however those players can just reattach the cart.

A config file is created in BepInEx\config\org.bepinex.plugins.beasts_of_burden.cfg this allows you to edit:
  • Which animal types you can command to follow you.
  • How closely an animal will attempt to follow.
  • How close the animal or player have to be to the cart to attach to it.

Like most Valheim mods Beasts of Burden was created using BepinEx and Harmony. Installation should work via Vortex or by placing the dll in your BepinEx\plugins directory.

Source code can be found on github: