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Gives more purpose to paths.
Increases player speed on paths and constructions. Reduces stamina consumed while sprinting on paths.
Exposes optional modifiers for regular terrain in each biome.
All values are tune-able.

Permissions and credits
Gives more purpose to paths beyond cosmetics.

Paths and constructions (floors, etc) apply a modifier to player jog and sprint speed while traveling on them.
Sprinting also has it's stamina consumption reduced while on paths or floors.

Works on most constructions, want a path made of Kilns? enjoy your speed bonus.
Works with carts.

Supports speed/stamina modifiers on uncleared ground tuned per biome! Make swamps even more painful to traverse!
By default no modifiers are applied to uncleared terrain.

Displays a status indicator when boosts are being applied. Currently has 2 icons representing the fastest tuned speed bonus and everything slower than that. No icon when no bonus is being applied. The status icon can be disable in config.

**Default config does not add any debuffs.**

NEW IN 1.0.4 => Server Config Sync
Clients connecting to servers running Speedy Paths will now sync their configs with the server automatically.
Forcibly Syncs Buff Values, Status Effect Icon Thresholds, String Configs.
The synced server values are not easily accessible via clientside config editors.
Can be disabled in the server config.

Speed and stamina modifier for each surface are fully tune-able in /BepInEx/config/nex.speedypaths.cfg

Install to /BepInEx/plugins folder.