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ImprovedDropTables aims to give more incentives to drop tables and to avoid stacks of unnecessary items.

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These are configuration files for Drop That mod.
It aims to improve Valheim looting experience by tweaking most of NPCs drop tables (Bosses included).

You'll spend more time exploring, hunting, fighting, taming, and less time hitting the ground (this will still be needed tho).

You can find default Valheim drop tables on the official Wiki.
This configuration does NOT remove default items dropped by NPCs, it only tweaks quantities / drop chances, and also add new items to some drop tables.

This configuration is NOT supposed to break the game intentions.
This configuration does NOT include any custom or unobtainable item.
Do NOT expect any endgame crafted items to drop from NPCs.

Features :

  • Bosses drop new items related to their Biomes and appearance
  • Lower quantity of some drops (i.e. Greydwarf eyes, Resin, Bone fragments, Ooze, Wolf fang, Blackmetal ...)
  • Lower drop rates for untamed Boars and Wolves
  • Tamed Boars and Wolves drops increased
  • Common NPC trophies are guaranteed on 2-stars NPCs only
  • Rare NPC trophies are guaranteed on 1 Star+ NPCs (Deer, Wraith, Surtling, Stone Golem, Fenring, Serpent)
  • Add Copper / Iron / Silver Ores to NPCs drop tables based on their equipments - mining is still 'faster' but you now have more options to get them
  • Added drops are gated behind boss killings to avoid skipping progression steps (e.g. you won't be able to drop Copper on NPCs if you didn't kill Eikthyr yet)

OPTIONNAL : This mod also provide 3 variants : only metals added, default boss drops, default trophies

To-Do :

  • Bosses
  • Meadows
  • Black Forest
  • Swamp
  • Moutains
  • Plains - Balance needed
  • Ocean
  • Balance updates
  • Readable details of every drop tables

Manual Installation :

  1. Install BepInEx Valheim
  2. Install Drop That
  3. Download the latest zip
  4. Extract it in the ...\Valheim\Bepinex\config\ folder