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Visby Lens adds a lore-friendly spyglass type item into Valheim so that you can see things from afar!

Permissions and credits
Visby Lens introduces a new craftable item into Valheim that enables you to see things that are far away in much greater detail!

Great for scouting out ahead or simply for some fun sight seeing.

To use the Visby Lens, right click when it is in your hand to zoom in, Shift+right click to zoom out



• BepInEx (
• ValheimLib (



• Extract zip directly into the root folder of your Valheim installation i.e. steamapps/common/Valheim/



• 4 Iron and 10 Greydwarf eyes


Future Plans

Although most of the functionality of the mod is basically finished. The current model for the Visby Lens is just a squished ball so if anyone wants to               contribute a model, the mod will basically be complete unless some new feature ideas are suggested and I like them.