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Mod that by chance drop a copper, iron, silver, obsidian, tin or coal from a rock (or terrain if enabled).

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This mod allows you to get a random amount of copper, tin, silver ore, coal, obsidian or metal scrap from the rocks (or terrain in general).
By default the chance of drop is very small, but it can be changed in the config file.

To change the parameters open the file located in 

Each drop type has 3 parameters
- Enabled  - define if a rock could drop this type or not
- Chance - chance of drop, from 0 to 100. 
- MaxAmount - maximum possible amount of one time drop from a rock.

General parameters
-DropEverywhere (by default  eq false). If it equal false, mod will only drop ore in the item speccific biomes. E.g. Silver and Obsidian will be droped only in the Mountains area, copper and tin ore  in the  Black Forest, Iron Scrap in the Swamps etc.
DropOneType. If true a rock will drop only one random type of ore. By default it equals false.
- DropFromTerrain  -  allow the drop from digging terrain (starting from version 1.1)