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Allows you to toggle visibility of map pins by type/icon.

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Do you often feel overwhelmed by the number of pins on your map when you zoom out? Want to just see where you've placed portals, or built bases? Want to take a nice screen shot of your completely explored world map? This mod gives you those abilities.

This mod adds toggle switches immediately to the left of each map pin type in the bottom-right of the map (they use the circle pin graphic). Clicking one of these will hide all pins of that type until you click it again. This affects both the large map view as well as the minimap.

Also adds a key binding to toggle ALL pin visibility, including non-player pins such as your spawn location and registered Vegvisir. This defaults to F7, but you can change it (or disable it entirely) by changing the config file.

1.2.0 changes the way pins are hidden when filtered, which should play nice with most mods that affect map pins. Tested compatible with:
  • Locator
  • Better UI

  1. Requires BepInEx. If you haven't installed that yet, follow the instructions here.
  2. Place PinFilters.dll in <valheim install directory>\BepInEx\plugins
  3. Start the game to create the config file.
  4. If you want to change the keybinding for globally toggling pins, change the value in <valheim install directory>\BepInEx\config\banana.pinfilters.cfg