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Various tweaks to the base gameplay that makes for a (subjectively) more enjoyable experience!

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Kat Edition

This mod makes various tweaks to the base gameplay that make for a (subjectively) more enjoyable experience! In general, it makes the game more "fair" by tweaking numbers and reducing/eliminating tedious mechanics. But not everybody likes the same things I do, so all the changes are extensively configurable via a config file.

Currently Migrating

Please note that KatEdition is currently migrating to a more modular plugin format. In the future, this mod will function more as a mod list that glues all of these individual mods together into a complete experience. You can run the KatEdition mod just fine, but if you would prefer, feel free to pick up the individual plugins instead which contain all the functionality:

  1. Torches Eternal
  2. Im No Masochist
  3. Jeeves
  4. Skillful
  5. Build Helper
  6. PreWorkout



  • No exp loss on death.
  • Automatic repair when interacting with crafting stations.
  • Food retains maximum bonus stats until it expires - it no longer degenerates over time.
  • Maximum carrying capacity scales with run skill, up to an extra 300 lbs at 100 run skill.
  • Base sneak speed is 3 units, up from 2 units (33% faster).
  • Bonus sneak speed that scales with sneak skill, up to an extra 3 units at 100 sneak skill.
  • Rested state lasts 3 minutes per comfort level, up from 1 minute per comfort level.
  • No stamina cost for tools (hammer, hoe, cultivator).


  • Smelter/blast furnace capacity increased by x10 (200 coal, 100 ore).
  • Kiln capacity increased by x8 (200 wood).
  • Torches/fires have infinite fuel, they will never burn out.
  • Workbench range has been increased to 150 units, up from 20 units.
  • When destroying structures in the world, their full resources will always drop, even if they were not constructed by the local player.
  • Repairing a structure will now repair nearby structures (within 7.5 units) as well.
  • The distance required for extensions to connect to crafting stations has increased by x2 (from 5 units to 10 units).
  • Distance required for pieces to contribute to comfort has been increased by x2, from 10 units to 20 units.


  • Wagon weight has been reduced by x5 for the purposes of physics calculations. It was often more efficient to take several thousand lbs worth of ore out, manually transport it until you run out of stamina, then put it back in. Now, the wagon controls more smoothly in those circumstances.


  1. Install BepInEx following the instructions at the link.
  2. Move KatEdition.dll into <Valheim>/BepInEx/plugins folder.
  3. BepInEx will load the plugin and all should work. Enjoy!

Recommended Complementary Mods

If you like these changes, here are some other recommendations that work well with KatEdition:

  • QuickStack - stack to nearby containers will save you a bunch of time.


Navigate to the configuration file at <Valheim>/BepInEx/config/katedition.valheim.cfg and edit the settings there. All tweaks are configurable.


Release 8 (latest)

  • Build distance increased.
  • Comfort piece distance increased.

Release 7

  • Resources always drop feature added.
  • Repair also repairs nearby pieces.
  • Max station extension distance increased.
  • Wagon weight modified.

Release 6

  • Removed stamina cost for tools (hammer, hoe, cultivator).

Release 5

  • Added automatic repair when interacting with crafting stations.

Release 4

  • Tweaked base sneak speed + added sneak speed skill scaling.

Release 3

  • Added another option to tweak Kiln maximum fuel.
  • The smelter tweak now applies to the blast furnace.

Release 2

  • All tweaks are now configurable.
  • Added dedicated server support.