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Combat Evolved aims to make combat in Valheim more engaging and more skill based.

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*Update - Combat Evolved now has a reliance/dependency on the Mod Config Enforcer mod. This enables servers to force config settings on connecting clients using this mod.

Combat Evolved aims to make combat in Valheim more engaging through implementing mechanics that encourage skilled, thoughtful play. The following are changes from vanilla Valheim play :

All weapons/attacks
  • In vanilla, the range for randomizing damage values is +- 15% damage, and the +15% is capped to not exceed 100% possible weapon damage. CE changes the lower range to be based on weapon skill level (-15% damage range at level 1, -0% damage range at level 100) and removes the 100% weapon damage cap, making 115% weapon damage possible at level 100.
  • Implemented backstabbing damage for when enemies are facing away from you (or you from them)
  • Player backstab protection defaults to half damage taken (configurable)
  • Any weapon that can chain attacks will now continue chaining for as long as the player has stamina (configurable)
  • Any weapon that can chain attacks gets an increasing damage multiplier per attack (configurable)
  • Any projectile that deals pierce damage now has a chance to pierce enemies based on the amount of piercing damage. Each successful pierce reduces the damage of the projectile by a configurable percentage.

  • The time required to achieve full pull (max damage, max projectile velocity, least accuracy penalty) now follows a curve, instead of a linear progression in Vanilla (makes bows noticeably better as you level up early on).
  • Randomized accuracy on shots is now affected by skill level. At level 1, the vanilla accuracy modifier applies, and at level 100, there is no longer randomized vector added to your aim (no more randomized accuracy).

  • Shields can no longer stagger enemies (nor other players) by parrying their projectile attacks.
  • Tower shields can now parry.
  • Performing a parrying block knocks enemies backwards based on the shield size (tower shields knockback the farthest) (configurable)
  • Shields now have different arcs of effect in front of the player. Vanilla gives a blanket 180 degrees in front of the player. CE gives 60 degrees for shields that reduce movement speed by 5%, 120 degrees for 10%, and 180 degrees for 20% (tower shields) (configurable).
  • Stamina cost of blocking is now reduced based on the shield size - the higher the movement modifier, the closer to half vanilla stamina usage.
  • Shield blocks now further reduce the amount the player is knocked backwards (when full damage is blocked) based on shield size (tower shields prevent the player from being knocked back on block entirely) (tied to knockback multiplier for shield size).

If you have any questions or need help, find me on the Valheim Modding discord server.

If you'd like to donate, head to my buymeacoffee account.