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An InSlim/BepInEx mod that will set the wind to always be at your back!

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I'm digging into the wind code to try and figure out why it seems like the wind is ALWAYS blowing in my face, though in the mean time I've made this mod for those of us that just wanna get places quick.

Some consider this mod a cheat, others consider it required as they have lives outside of Valheim and can't spend 2 hours just for one boat trip.

I have NOT tested this in multiplayer and have no idea if it will work.

Now available as a BepInEx plugin!

Check the WindFix_readme.txt in the download for information on the config file location.

0.3.0 has brought some minor changes! Now only changes wind direction when on a ship and are using the sails!

Reason why I now only have it take effect when sails are at half or full is that it was distracting when running around on foot having the wind always at your back, and makes it function a bit more like the Moder power.

Also, 0.2.1 and earlier had the wind blowing at the players back rather than the boat. This didn't work out well when fighting serpents solo as you tend to look where you are trying to fire arrows... blowing you towards death. This is the reason for the wind to now be relative to the boat instead of the player.

Overview of options:
When UseAngle = false, the wind will be at the ships back, specifically when at half or full sail.
Angle is only used when UseAngle = true
Angle is the wind angle relative to the local ships forward direction.

Angle = -90 means the wind will be blowing from the ship's right side
Angle = 90 means the wind will be blowing from the ship's left side
Angle = 180 is the new GetGood mode, and means the wind will be blowing from the ship's front, and you will need to row