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SlingShot allow player to travel from one point to another use SlingShot(teleport), mid air jump, demolish, repair, fetch item, friendly, tameable and enemy from far away.

Permissions and credits
Thunderstore Link

Created for my 4 years old so he can tag along. ;-)

Place the unzipped content, GsiX.SlingShot into your ..\game install dir\BepInEx\plugin\ folder.

- Sling Jump - Short mid air jump using the weapon projectile (Hold keyboard Spacebar).
- Sling Shot - Distance teleport to where the projectile hits.
- Sling Demolish - Using the weapon for distance demolish.
- Sling Repair - Using the weapon to repair pieces from distance.
- Sling Item Fetch - Using the weapon fetch item from distance.
- Sling Friendly Fetch - Using the weapon to fetch other players from distance. Troll away bud..
- Sling Tameable Fetch - Using the weapon to fetch tameable animal from distance or simply put it in the boat or previously unreachable places.
- Sling Enemy Fetch - Using the weapon to fetch enemy from distance. Not sure why tho, probably to show some love to your friends base.

Mouse Left Click - Normal attack.
Mouse Middle Click - Sling Shot.
Mouse Middle Click + Holding Spacebar - Sling Jump(Short Mid Air Jump).
Mouse Right Click + T - Switch between Sling mode.
Mouse Right Click + Middle Mouse - Throwing projectile for selected Sling mode.

Setting Crafting Requirement Config
CraftingRequirement1 - Drop item | Amount - List at JVL Prefab List
CraftingRequirement2 - Drop item | Amount - List at JVL Prefab List
CraftingRequirement3 - Drop item | Amount - List at JVL Prefab List
CraftingRequirement4 - Drop item | Amount - List at JVL Prefab List

Configurable Crafting Requirement
- Silver x 20
- Crystal x 10
- Thunderstone x 1
- BattleaxeCrystal x 1

Note: Drop item is the drop prefab item name separated by vertical bar "|" follow by quantity.

CraftingStation - work station to craft - Valid list - workbench, forge, stonecutter, artisanstation, blackforge, magetable

Known issues
- If you stuck with unable to attack or the attack animation run faster than normal, type "/die" in the chat to kill yourself. It will reset the Sling Jump/Sling Shot.
- I am still unable to reproduce the bug consistently so i am unable to fix it. If you found a way to reproduce it, please drop me a post.