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BetterDeathRaiser modify the default StaffSkeleton for better selectable Skeleton Army type

Permissions and credits
Thunderstore Link

Please take a moment to read the config to set you best preference after you run the game once.

## Installation (manual)
Place the unzipped content, GsiX.BetterDeathRaiser into your ..\game install dir\BepInEx\plugin\ folder.

## Features
BetterDeathRaser adding new StaffUndead for Death Raiser to raise custom selectable Skeleton army, spell cast requirement and crafting requirement.

Created for my 4 years old so he can tag along. ;-)

Right Click + E - Open/Close Undead UI Panel.
Right Click + T - Teleport all undead army to player current location. Undead must following player.
Right Click + K - Unsummon all Undead currently following player.
Right Click + H - Undead Curse.
             Undead Cursed. Within pre-configured radius.
             Heal small amount of health.
             Heal over time as long as the cursed effect stay active.
             Heal all nearby party, heal tamed animal, heal summoned Undead Skeleton.
             You can even heal your community griefer buddy. ;-)

## Setting Crafting Requirement Config
EnabledTweakVanilla - Set to true to modify the vanilla StaffSkeleton.

CraftingRequirement1 - Drop item | Amount - can be empty - List at JVL Prefab List
CraftingRequirement2 - Drop item | Amount - can be empty - List at JVL Prefab List
CraftingRequirement3 - Drop item | Amount - can be empty - List at JVL Prefab List

CraftingStation - work station to craft the StaffUndead - Valid list - workbench, forge, stonecutter, artisanstation, blackforge, magetable.

Configureable Crafting Requirement
- TrophyEikthyr x 5
- HardAntler x 5
- AncientSeed x 2

Note: Drop item is the drop prefab item name separated by vertical bar "|" follow by quantity.
Note: Vanilla StaffUndead crafting requirement does not apply.

## Known issues