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Allows you to plant evenly spaced crops, either one at a time or in any amount of rows and columns, with grid snapping features and invalid crop placement prevention. Also allows bulk harvesting of resources and auto-replanting of crops. Configurable and includes gamepad support. Supports Pickables from Plant Everything.

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This is a QoL mod that simplifies the planting aspect of farming, and fixes a lot of common frustrations with it. It allows you to quickly and easily plant beautiful and evenly spaced fields of crops without ever worrying about wasting a precious seed. Once those crops mature, you can optionally harvest them in bulk, and/or replant automatically. Its feature-set also supports berry bushes, flowers, and mushrooms from Plant Everything.

Whether you want to plant one crop at a time, or several at once to save time, this mod can do that. You can plant a single crop, a single row, a single column, or any number of rows and columns at once; the size of which can be changed easily in real-time using keybinds (configurable).

In addition to planting in bulk, this mod will optionally allow you to harvest in bulk (configurable). Works for all pickables as well as beehives.

If you don't want your fields to look too uniform, this mod will by default put a random rotation on your crops once placed (configurable).

If you don't want to plant a crop too close to another, worry not. This mod by default will highlight your invalid crops in red before they are placed, and also by default will prevent you from planting anywhere a crop cannot grow (configurable). Causes include wrong biome, uncultivated ground, no space, no sunlight, and lack of resources.

Tired of replanting the same fields over and over again? Enable [Harvesting]ReplantOnHarvest in the mod's configuration file. When enabled, crops will automatically replant themselves upon being picked, provided the player has enough seeds.

And last but definitely not least, this mod provides grid snapping (configurable). Snap individual crops to a single crop, to an existing grid of crops, or snap a new grid of crops onto either a single crop or an existing grid of crops.

**Note** If a piece is not snapping where you'd expect, try rotating the piece.

Default Keybinds:

These keybinds are not checked in a standard update tick, they will only work while the cultivator is equipped and an applicable piece is selected. All keybinds are configurable.

Right CTRL + Arrow Keys increases/decreases rows and columns.
Left Bumper + D-Pad increases/decreases rows and columns.

Left Shift + Use Key to bulk harvest (when enabled).
Left Bumper + Use Key to bulk harvest (when enabled).

F8 toggles all mod features, F10 toggles grid snapping features.
An optional third key can be set to toggle auto crop replanting on harvest.

The three available toggle keys support keyboard combinations (e.g. Left Ctrl + F8).


Requires BepInEx - Valheim


This is a client-side only mod. Do not install it on a dedicated server.

Extract the Advize_PlantEasily.dll file into the BepInEx/plugins folder.
Directory structure should look like this:
BepInEx ->
plugins ->


Here you'll find info about known mod conflicts and possible solutions.

At present, this mod is probably incompatible with any of the following:



Github Repo: Advize_ValheimMods


For further mod or mod dev support, I can be found at the following Discord server:

Config & Other Info:

Mod is highly configurable, a config file will be generated after first loading the mod and can be found in BepInEx/config/advize.PlantEasily.cfg

The config can be edited out of game with a text editor, or modified in game using the Configuration Manager mod.

Default Config File: (click spoiler below)