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Skills Overhaul is aimed to overhaul skills. For now, you can configure each skills to give more health, eitr, stamina & carry weight according to their level

Permissions and credits
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- Compatible with modded skills
- More health according to skills level
- More eitr according to skills level
- More stamina according to skills level
- More carry weight according to skills level
- All is fully configurable (or disabled) per skill, per stat

Future plans:
- Add custom skills
- Add stamina regen
- Add eitr regen
- Add natural health regen
- Add damage dealt (physic or magic)
- Be balanced & logical

- BepInEx
- Nexus Update Check (optional)
- BepInEx.ConfigurationManager (optional)

- Install BepInEx
- Unzip the files into the "Valheim" folder
- Enjoy

- Mining by Smoothbrain
- Cooking by Smoothbrain
- Evasion by Smoothbrain
- PackHorse by Smoothbrain
- Ranching by Smoothbrain
- Vitality by Smoothbrain
- Jewelcrafting by Smoothbrain
- Blacksmithing by Smoothbrain
- Building by Smoothbrain
- Farming by Smoothbrain
- Foraging by Smoothbrain
- Lumberjacking by Smoothbrain
- Sailing by Smoothbrain
- Tenacity by Smoothbrain
- DualWield by Smoothbrain
- Bone Appetit
- BetterDiving
- Cooking Skill
Cheb's Necromancy