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Optimized version of distributing and collecting items from the container.
Production stoppage, population control measure, autotic crafting, everything is configurable and works optimally. Sorting item in container

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Unfortunately, when I installed other mods of this type, such as Valheim Plus or some Auto feeeder, unfortunately my FPS dropped terribly in my large base to 5.

That's why I created a mod that optimizes access to chests. In addition, I added a few options that other mods of this type
do not have.

In the new version, automatic crafting and task queuing have been added, thanks to which it works optimally. Can disable queuing
In the new version add Greater control over crates. Now it will try to feed into the box where the materials are already there. In addition, you can configure exactly what and where should go.

In Version 2.0.0 I added new commands and chest configuration options:
Shift+E on container Changes the SortMode of the box
None - works like Free except you don't have to use Force option
Free - It is not possible to freely throw items into this container, regardless of the specified items
Restrictive - Only specific items will be accepted by automata and sorting (player has full freedom)
Lock - Automata completely ignore this chest
[1-8] Use Item - Adds or subtracts an item to the accepted list for this container
Commands start with /cq the order after /cq doesn't matter
text - show or hide
block - additional text on chests

The chest that I looked at last or you are still looking at (you have the option to open it)
reset - Deletes the entire list and set the Sort Mode to None
clear - Attempts to throw all items into the containers next to it according to the rules defined. Unless those items are already on the list
setmode - You can set a specific SortMode, But only with sort mode None
setmode force - You can set a specific SortMode
assign - Assigns all items inside the chest to the list of accepted in the container,  But only with sort mode None
assign force - Assigns all items inside the chest to the list of accepted in the container

Same as above except for all bins that are loaded
reset all
clear all
setmode all
setmode all force
assign all
assign all force

The configuration is complex but also very generic. Here are some possibilities and explanations:

All the IDs you need are at:
I recommend editing the configuration file from the directory directly and not through some program or mod.
.\Valheim\BepInEx\config\TomekDexValheimMod.ContainerQuickAccess.cfg :

This is a general setting for a mod that introduces quick access to chests.
UseCart - Adds support chest in Cart
UseShip - Adds support chest in Ship
UseObliterator - Adds support chest in Obliterator
UseCheckAccess - Checks the possibility of access to the chest. option to be refined
Sort - WorkingArea - Sorting range, i.e. the Clear command how far it will look for a place for its items
Sort - UseAutoClear - Runs the Clear command just before opening a chest. It is recommended to set it to Lock Access - DefaultSortMode if set to true
Access - DefaultSortMode - The default SortMode value for newly discovered or created chests
Access - HideText - The default value is the Hide Text setting that hides the extra text on the chests
Access - BlockChange - The default value of the Block Change setting blocks configuration changes to the chests, with the help of the command it can be changed temporarily

.\Valheim\BepInEx\config\TomekDexValheimMod.ContainerQuickDistribution.cfg :
Beehive - Moves honey to the nearest chest from beehive
CookingStation - Adds items from chest to the tone oven or cooking station and after finish cooking move it to chest
CraftingStation - Automatically crafts items from nearby chests and drops these items into the nearest chests
EggGrow - Checks if the egg is heated, if not transfers it to the largest chest
Fermenter - Fermenter - checks the chests if there are any potions for fermentation, if so, it collects them and adds them to the Fermenter, when it finishes, it throws them into the nearest chest.
Fireplace - Adds fuel to all kinds of bonfires from the nearest chests.
ItemDrop - Picks up items that are lying down, such as those dropped or dropped by the player. Drops these items into the nearest chests.
MonsterAI - Feeds animals with food from the nearest chests
Pickable - Picks up items that are pikuble, i.e. plants, stones, flints. The ones that you would normally have to click E. Moves them to the nearest chest.
Procreation - It checks the possibility of giving birth, if there is no such possibility, it kills the animal and moves the drop to the nearest chest.
SapCollector - Collects Sap from the Sap extractor and carries the Sap to the nearest chest
Smelter - It searches for ore and fuel in chests for smelter and adds them to the smelter, when it finishes producing, it throws them into the nearest chest. This section is very extensive because Smelter in the code also includes Eitr refinery, Blast furnace, Hot tub, Windmill etc.
Turret - Searches for ammo and loads it full from the nearest crates.

Queue - Queue settings
ProcessingTimeMilliseconds - If downloading from the queue and execution of a given process took less than the given time, take the next one
TimeSecondsToProcess - How often should he check the queue
DelayedWhenStart - Start delay

General settings for a given section:
On - Turn on section
UseQueue - Changes the way the mod works, instead of each object working separately, it queues its operation. Optimizing configuration
WorkingArea - Chest search action range. For example, if you only want very close chests, I recommend setting it to 2
MinSecUpdate and MaxSecUpdate - The time in which each object will be stimulated to action. does not work as is UseQueue - true
Disable - disables individual objects by ID
DisableAllExcept - Disables everything except individual objects by ID

Settings for specific sections only:
LimitWood - If there are less than the given limit in the nearby chests, it will not be added to the station
LimitCooking - If there are already enough ready products in the nearby chests, he does not add any more to the stations
LimitItemUseToCook - Limit of items that are used to give to stations

Crafting - The setting to schedule the production process {IdCraftingItems};{Quantity};{LimitCrafting};{IdResource=Limit},{IdResource=Limit};{IdItem=LimitThisItem},{IdItem=LimitThisItem}
    IdCraftingItems - Id items to craft
    Quantity - Quantity items to craft
    LimitCrafting - limit of these items in nearby chests
    IdResource=Limit - the limit of resources that are needed for production, below this number will not be removed if there is no nearby chest
    IdItem=LimitThisItem - Additional limit on other items saying that if there are already a certain number of these items, do not produce what is given
    example setting:
    TurretBoltWood;1;100;Feathers=100,RoundLog=100; -Produce TurretBoltWood but no more than 100 and keep at least 100 Feathers and RoundLog
    HoneyGlazedChickenUncooked;1;4;MushroomJotunpuffs=100;HoneyGlazedChicken=20 - produce Uncooked honey glazed chicken  but no more then 4 and keep 100 Jotun puffs also do not produce as I have at least 20 Honey Glazed Chicken

ChekPath - Checks if a given pet has access to the chest
LimitFood - Blocks the use of the given food

LimitOre - Limit to how much they can pick up in nearby crates for processing
LimitProdution - Production limit output effect.
SkipOre - Which ore for which object should not be added

It installs like a standard Valheim mod (./Valheim\BepInEx\plugins)

Working with other mods:

SmartContainers can be used but doesn't work when added via this mod
ValheimPlus disable everything it adds automatically

I have a plan next to add sorting of items
Will gladly receive information about possible errors Discrod TomekDex#4472

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