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Fight Club brings safety and fun to PvP in Valheim! Challenge your friends without worry for skill or item loss.

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Fight Club brings safety and fun to PvP in Valheim! Now you can challenge your friends to 1-on-1 duels without fear of losing skills or equipment. The mod adds two new keybinds - Issue Challenge (default bound to 'b') and Accept Challenge (default bound to 'v'). Fight Club also removes the glaringly large, middle-of-the-screen messages for PVP announcements and replaces them with a status effect icon with the crossed swords from the PVP toggle button UI.

If you want to quit a fight once it has started, press the Accept Challenge key.

You can now see your PVP status as a status effect. It will also show whether you're waiting for someone to accept your challenge, whether you have a challenge to accept or not, and if you're in the middle of a fight.

Fight Club has a new configuration variable - LoserDies. This defaults to false, meaning when someone in the challenge should have died, they'll be reset to 1 hp and not die. This can be turned off if you want to watch your friends' dead bodies pile up. This configuration variable is also now server enforceable via being compatible with Mod Config Enforcer v3.0.

This mod does not affect dedicated servers or any client that doesn't have it installed. In order for players to challenge each other, they each need to have the mod installed.

Manual Installation - copy the FightClub.dll file from the zip file into your Valheim\BepInEx\plugins folder and done.

Special thanks to Hexxen, Sarcen, Dream, and Machia for the testing and feedback!

If you have any questions or need help, find me on the Valheim Modding discord server.

If you'd like to donate, head to my Patreon page.