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About this mod

A Valheim Mod to add Adventuring Backpacks to the Game. These packs grow and become more useful as the game progresses.

Permissions and credits
Adventure Backpacks by Vapok

This Valheim mod seeks to introduce the concept of Backpacks throughout the Valheim progression. Starting as a wee Viking, rummaging through the tranquil fields of the Meadows, you'll happen upon materials that you think will eventually lead to a more meaningful destiny. From Deer Hide capes and beyond, you'll soon learn how to make your very own, Adventure Backpacks! Go forth and wander, ye wanderer of the wanders!

How to Use Adventure Backpacks

  • Play Valheim as you would As you craft items and explore materials you will learn new recipes for Adventuring Backpacks
  • The default hotkey is I to open the equipped backpack.
  • Each backpack is completely different in form, function, and size. Upgrading backpacks will unlock additional features depending on the progresion that backpack is intended to be used with.
  • Check the Configuration for ALL the different ways that you can modify these packs.
  • Keybindings and Actions are Controller Supported

How To Install Adventure Backpacks

  • Install Adventure Backpacks into it's own FOLDER inside of the BepInEx/plugins folder.
    • Create a folder called Translations and ensure all Translation files are stored in there.
      • Translations files should be named AdventureBackpacks.<language key>.json

  • Adventure Backpacks is a client-side and server-side mod.
    • If using on Dedicated Servers:
      • Configuration Lock and Sync is available and disabled by default.
        • Enabling Locked and Synced Configs will require server restart.
        • All other settings will be synced to connected clients, and server configs will be enforced.

Gear Introduced In This Mod
  • The 6 new backpacks are:
    • Satchel - A small backpack capable of holding things.
    • Rugged Backpack - A rugged backpack, complete with buckles and fine leather straps.
    • Bloodbag Wetpack - A durable backpack sealed using waterproof blood bags.
    • Arctic Sherpa Pack - An arctic backpack, fit for long treks through the mountains.
    • Lox Hide Knappsack - An adventuring backpack made from extremely durable lox hide.
    • Explorers Wisppack - A finely crafted, mystical backpack. Complete with it's own Box of Holding. No one is quite sure how it works.

Features of Backpacks
  • Each Backpack Biome can be fully configured for progression.
    • Configure Sizing
      • Each Quality Level of Backpack can have a different inventory grid size. Simply adjust the width and height in configuration for each quality level.
    • Configure Recipes
      • Default Recipes can be found in the configuration.
    • Configure Drops
      • Creatures and Drop Rates can be fully customized.
      • Drops are DISABLED by default. (as of version 1.6.3)
    • Configure Effects
      • Each Backpack Biome can be configured for any number of effects that are included in this mod. There is nothing hardcoded about the effects.
    • Configure Carry Weight Maximum
      • Allows configuration for adjusting the additional carry weight allowed, per level of backpack.
    • Configure Speed Modification
      • Configure Speed Modification (slowness).
        • Upon each quality upgrade of backpack, speed modification is reduced (never eliminated).

    • Configure Opening of Backpack with Inventory
      • When enabled, opens backpack inventory with player inventory without additional interaction
      • Can also set Mouse, Keyboard, and Gamepad bindings.
    • Configure Opening of Backpack with Hover + Interaction
      • When enabled, will open backpack when hovered over in Player Inventory and the Open Hot Key is pressed.
      • This feature overrides Close with Inventory.

  • Backpack Inventory Protection Guard
    • Every backpack inventory is specially handled by Thor himself and is monitored for any interactions that might otherwise harm the existence of items in your backpacks.
    • Backpacks in Backpacks is not allowed and the only feature that is not configurable. This is how the Allfather dreamt of it.
    • Current verified list of Compatible Inventory Mods:
      • Quick Stack Store
      • Fast Item Transfer (function is included in Backpacks)
      • Multi-User-Chest

  • Backpack Monitoring System
    • Features complete support for Portal Technology to ensure no undesired items are hiding inside of backpacks in Player Inventory.
      • This feature will work with any Portal/Teleportation Mod that uses the Inventory.IsTeleportable() method.
        • Protip: Do not use Humanoid.IsTeleportable() as it won't respect backpack inventory.
        • Current List of verified Portal Compatibility:
          • Valheim Vanilla Portals
          • Advanced Portals
          • AnyPortal
          • XPortal

    • Keys stored in Equipped Backpack will active appropriate locked doors without having to move the key to Player inventory.
      • Swamp Key for Crypts

  • Optional Right Click Quick Transfer (Fast Item Transfer)
    • Allows single right-click transfer of an item/stack of items between Player Inventory and any Open Container
    • This is the same functionality that's available as the stand-alone mod Fast Item Transfer
  • Outward Run Away Mode
    • Pressing the Quick Drop keybind (default is Y), will immediately release the equipped backpack and drop it behind the player on the ground.
    • This feature is optional, and is disabled out of the box.

Effects Used In This Mod
  • This mod utilizes the following effects depending on backpack and quality level:
    • Carry Weight Modifications
    • Speed Modifications
    • Frost Resistance
    • Cold Resistance
    • Troll Armor Set
    • Waterproof
    • Slow Fall
    • Demister

Currently Available Translations
  • Czech / čeština
  • Chinese / 简体中文
  • Chinese Traditional / 繁體中文
  • English
  • French / Français
  • German / Deutsch
  • Japanese / 日本
  • Korean / 한국인
  • Norwegian / norsk
  • Portuguese Brazilian / Português Brasileiro
  • Russian / Русский
  • Spanish / Español
  • Swedish / svenska
  • Ukrainian / українська
  • Don't see your language, I'm looking for submissions for additional languages. Please find me on Discord (see link below) or submit a Pull Request!
Current Patch Notes
Adventure Backpack Patchnotes

Compatible Mods (Verified)
  • Epic Loot 0.9.3+
    • Check out our Discord to get Epic Loot Patches for Dropping backpacks as Epic Loot!
  • Equipment and Quickslots
  • Advanced Portals
  • AnyPortal
  • XPortal
  • Project Auga
  • Quick Stack Store
  • Auto Split Stack
  • Multi-User-Chests
  • Fast Item Transfer
  • Equipment and Quick Slots
  • Jewelcrafting
  • Shield Me Bruh!
  • Cheb's Necromancy
    • Spectral Shroud of Holding Backpack
      • Necromancy Armor Status Effect
      • Necromancy Skill Modifier

  • There's probably a ton of others. This mod is friendly to most mods. If you see a conflict though, let me know!

Incompatible Mods
  • JotunnBackpacks
    • This will convert bags, but safe to revert back to JotunnBackpacks.

About Vapok Gaming

Author: Vapok

Source: Github

Discord: Vapok's Mod's Community

Patch notes: Github Patchnotes