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Recycle Plus

by TastyChickenLegs

Delete or Recycle items from inventory.  Select the item and use the configurable key to either delete or recycle the item.  Amount returned is configurable.

Jewelcrafting takes the location too, but my trashcan only shows up when the item is dragged so they coexists in the same spot.
  • Delete and Recycle Items Directly from Inventory - Now with Recycle Can
  • Configure percentage of resources to return. 0 - 100%
  • Now with serversync to push configs back to the client
  • Works with modded and custom items

    This is a big update.  It has been tested for weeks on severs and single player.  Please post any bugs in the forums.

    get me on Discord

    I often get questions about the pictures of configurations and how to change the mod settings without editing files manually. I highly recommend using an in-game Configuration Manager mod like this one or this one.  These configuration utility mods allow changes to be instant (for most settings) and allow changes to be done in-game.

    Install the mod into your Bepinex\Plugins and start the game.

    Config file will be generated in the Bepinex\Config folder.

  • DiscardHotkey = Delete or Recycle
  • ReturnResources = Amount of resources (in decimal) returned. 0 is 0 items 1 is 100% items .5 is 50%

    I tested this pretty thoroughly on vanilla items and modded items but there could be bugs. You have been warned.



    • Updated for Ashlands


    • Corrected the Broken Trash can icon and Trash can label


    • updated for Valheim 0.271.22


    • Updated to Hildir's Request


    • Updated to newest version of Valheim  0.216.9


    • Updated to work with newest version of Valheim 0.214.300


    • Updated for newest version of Valheim


    No changes version bumped to match Thunderstore.


    • Now with ServerSync - push configs down to all users.  Must be intalled on the server and all user to use serversync.  Can also be used without a server. 
    • Added custom recycle can
    • Reworked code to function better with custom recipes.


    • Updated the feedback to the player so it’s more intuitive.  Example item deleted and item recycled
    • Fixed misspelling in Icon image for Thunderstore


    • Initial release built on Valheim 0.212.7 Mistlands Public Release

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