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This mod allows you to change most items/recipes/pieces in the game. This mod features OpenDatabase + ServerSync + recipecustomization + armor customization + PieceLvlRequirements + item/piece/recipe cloning + material changing for cloned items/pieces + language translating.

Permissions and credits

Support me at

- WackysDatabase is a mod for Valheim, it requires BepInEx for Valheim.
- With this mod you are able to control all items/recipes/pieces via JSON files.
- WackysDatabase also allows you to make clone/mock of objects.
- This mod is one of the last to load.
- As such it can touch almost all normal and modded objects which is the primary goal for this mod, but cloned objects may not behave well with some mods.
- You can not load into singleplayer and then load into Multiplayer. - No easy cheating

## Installation

Download and extract the latest version of WackysDatabase into the BepInEx plugin folder (usually Valheim/BepInEx/plugins )

Now run Valheim and join a world. After that go to Valheim/BepInEx/config/. There should be a folder called wackysDatabase, inside of that folder are currently three folders /Items/  /Recipes/ and /Pieces/. (v1.2.5) - Moved to config instead of plugin folder for more safe storage.

Put the mod on the Server to force Server Sync. The Jsons files only have to be on the Server. No need to share the Jsons.

For Multiplayer, the mod has been locked down to prevent easy cheating, but I recommend and as well.

## Configuration file BepInEx/config/WackyMole.WackysDatabase.cfg
The configs and their defaults are:
Force Server Cjavascript-event-stripped true // forces server sync
Enable this mod = true
NexusModID = 1825
IsDebug = true // tells you what is being loaded/ other basic actions
StringisDebug = false  // debugs your strings.. extra logs
IsAutoReload = false // auto reloads instead of wackydb_reload
ServerDedLoad = false // Actually loads changes into memeory for dedicated servers - not that useful, but may fix problems.
extraSecurity = true // This sets the 0.0.1 Message when people log onto Singleplayer and then try to connect to hosted servers. Disabling this could allow cheating, but help crossplay Coop servers or others.

## Console Commands

- You will need to reference for Prefab names. Thank you JVL team
- While in game press F5 to open the game console then type help for more informations. To enable console for valheim - launch options add "-console"

wackydb_reload  - Primary way to reload all the Json files in wackysDatabase folder

wackydb_dump [item/recipe/piece] [ItemName] - dump individual preloaded object to log

wackydb_dump_all  - writes a dump log file for all previously loaded info. May or may not work with clones. (doesn't work on multiplayer)

wackydb_save_recipe [ItemName] - saves a Recipe Json in wackysDatabase Recipe Folder

wackydb_save_piece [ItemName] - saves a Piece for easy editing in Json (piecehammer only works for clones)

wackydb_save_item [ItemName] - saves a Item Json in wackysDatabase Item Folder

wackydb_help -- commands

wackydb_clone  [recipe/item/piece] [Prefab to clone] [Unique name for the clone]  - clone an object and change it differently than a base game object.

- For Example: wackydb_clone item SwordIron WackySword

There is a optional 4th parameter for clone RECIPES ONLY [original item prefab to use for recipe](Optional 4th parameter for a cloned item's recipes ONLY)
For example you can already have item WackySword loaded in game, but now want a recipe. WackySword Uses SwordIron  - wackydb_clone recipe WackySword RWackySword SwordIron - otherwise manually edit

wackydb_clone_recipeitem <Prefab to clone> <clone name>(clones item and recipe at same time)( Recipe name will be Rname) - instead of cloning an item and then recipe, do both at once. Saves you the trouble of manually editing recipe name and prefab.

wackydb_vfx - future use

wackydb_material - saves a Materials.txt file in wackysDatabase for the different types of materials you can use for cloned items/pieces.

## General Options:
-Don't use the '@' symbol. I use it to separate strings. It will break everything.

name: is GameObject name must be unique
m_name: is the in game name - can be used for translating
clone: whether an object is a clone or not - true/false
clonePrefabName: if it is a clone, the object needs to reference the original prefab.

## Item Options:
cloneMaterial: You can change the material(colorish) of a cloned object. Images on nexus of the various changes you can make. Use wackydb_material to view a list of materials. Probably up to a 1/3 don't work or make the object invisible.
Cloned items automatically generate an new Icon when cloned.

m_damages: how much and what type of damage is inflicted.

m_damagesPerLevel: how much and what type of damage per upgraded lvl

m_armor: If object is equitable, like armor. Gives armor value to player

m_value: if value is >0. Then the object becomes salable at Trader. The Object Description gets a yellow Valuable notice. Just like base game you don't know what object you are selling to Trader.

damageModifiers: - From - Thx aedenthorn - I did not add the water damage.

Damage modifiers are a list of colon-separated pairs, e.g. for the Wolf Chest armor: -
The first value is the damage type, the second value is the resistance level.
Valid damage types include:
Blunt Slash Pierce Chop Pickaxe Physical Fire Frost Lightning Elemental Poison Spirit
Valid resistence levels include:

Normal Resistant Weak Immune Ignore VeryResistant VeryWeak

m_blockPower: Very useful for shields
Parry bonus is m_timedBlockBonus

The rest you can probably figure out.

## Piece Options:

piecehammer: default is the Hammer or Hoe: it can't really check for modded Hammers. Change this to the modded hammer prefab manually.
adminonly: Makes certain pieces only for admins.
craftingStation: What craftingstation needs to be near you to build the piece. Default: $piece_workbench
minStationLevel: Checks what level craftingstation is needed before building piece.
reqs: requirements to build: Item:amount:amountPerLevel:refundable,
cloneMaterial: You can change the material(colorish) of a cloned object. Images above show the changes you can make. Use wackydb_material to view a list of materials. Probably up to a 1/3 don't work or make the object invisible.
Any Piece that changes the material type gets a cloned icon - little wonky or wacky though on angles. Sorry

## Recipe Options:

Recipes NEED to have a unique name.
If cloning a recipe of a cloned item, clonePrefabName needs to be cloned item prefab.
Recipe searches for prefab to put recipe next to it.
Arrows x50 will be put above Arrow x20
reqs: requirements to build: Item:amount:amountPerLevel:refundable,

## Last notes:

This mod should load last. It needs to so it can touch all other mods.
You can make changes to that OP bow and make it more realistic on damage or build requirements. Or even set a build piece to adminonly.
clone the Item and change the material to make it a more appealing color.
Submit pull requests to . The primary purpose of this mod is to edit objects though, not to create clones/mocks.
You can find me on the Odin Plus Server

(Note!: If you want json files to have default values, close the game and delete the wackysDatabase folder).

Bugs/Incompatible  Mods:
- Friendlies Reloaded - -  Will break WackyDB ( investigating)
Planned features
- [x] Able to modify item data.
- [x] Able to modify recipes.
- [x] Able to modify pieces.
- [x] Able to modify materials on clones
- [x] Custom items/pieces
- [x] Custom recipes
- [ ] Able to modify effects - Probably won't happen without someone else's help. wackydb_vfx - generates vfx text file, but there are other effect objects.

A Lot of the credit goes to  aedenthorn  and all of his Many Mods!
 Thank you AzumattDev for the template. It is very good
 Do whatever you want with this mod. // except sale it as per Aedenthorn Permissions
Taking from Azu OpenDatabase code and the original now.
CustomArmor code from
 Thanks to the Odin Discord server, for being active and good for the valheim community.