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Adds strategy to portals. Enemies can follow you through or block you from using a portal. Bring wolves, lox, boar through the portal to fight with you. Works with dungeons!

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This mod is intended to add additional excitement and functionality to the portal system. Use it to brings wolves to the fight or use it to lure trolls into a trap!  These modes also work with dungeons! So its possible to bring a wolf into a swamp crypt (see pic) and for a wraith to follow you into the crypt! 

Installation: use vortex or manually by unzipping the dll in the plugins folder. It is recommended that you install the BepInEx Configuration Manager mod. This mod will enable you to access the configuration settings simply by hitting  F1 and edit your mods configs in game. You can also define the configuration settings directly in the cfg file which is generated after the first run. BepInEx/config/com.kpro.TeleportEverything.cfg. 


  • Standard. Vanilla behavior for portals except that you can still transport allies.
  • Vikings don't run. If this mode is selected from the F1 configuration menu, portals will not work with enemies nearby. It is intended to make a cowardly retreat through a portal in order to avoid combat a bit more challenging but not impossible.
  • Take them with you. If this mode is selected from the F1 configuration men, enemies within the search range will have small chance of following you through the portal after a short delay. The length of the delay is determined by their original distance from the departure portal. With this mode set, you must look over your shoulder after you use a portal to make sure that you weren't followed!
  • Transport Allies. If this mode is toggled on, allies within the search range will teleport with you. You can teleport wolves, boar, lox, or any creature at all. Hey, if you want to bring some greydwarves through the portal with you, no one will judge ; ). The ally does not need to be tamed to transport so a hostile wolf or boar can come through as easily as a tamed wolf or boar.
  • Transport Items. If this mode is toggled on, players may transport ores, ingots, and eggs. In order to offset the advantage of transporting ores, players may set a "transport fee" that deducts a percentage of the contraband ores, ingots, and eggs.

Usage and complete list of features:

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