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No stamina consumption when holding the hammer or hoe. Useful for the people who just want to build w/o taking away stamina management during combat! Also has some configuration!

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Valheim No Stamina Cost Mod

Removes stamina consumption while holding the hammer and hoe! Has other configurable settings to allow no stamina costs for everything and no stamina costs when you're in God mode.

This mod was originally developed because I was getting really impatient w/ the stamina system while trying to flatten miles of land.

If you are installing this manually, do the following
1. Install BepInEx first!
2. Download my mod!
3. Extract the archive into a folder. **Do not extract into the game folder.**
4. Move the contents of `plugins` folder into `<GameDirectory>\Bepinex\plugins`.
5. Run the game.


Go to BepInEx\Config\Basil_NoStamCosts.cfg after opening the game once w/ the mod and it will show the following below. Configure to your liking!
[Stamina Cost Setting]
0 = Off
1 = No stamina costs only when using the hammer, hoe, or cultivator
2 = No stamina costs in god mode
3 = No stamina costs even when not in god mode
StaminaCostSetting = 1 (default)

Untested in multiplayer