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Looking for a two-star wolf or boar? This mod displays distance and bearing to the nearest wolf, boar, deer, or serpent.

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Track Everything (formerly known as Wolf Tracker) is intended to aid in the hunt for elusive creatures including wolves, boar, deer, and sea serpents. A message will display giving bearing and distance to the creature if it exists within the range set in the configuration.  The mod can be toggled on and off. The toggle key is "T" by default but is configurable from the F1 configuration menu.  Note that the F1 configuration menu is only available if you have installed Configuration Manager.

Choose whether to track 0-10 star wolves/boar/serpents. Track Everything does not make 2-star wolves / boar more likely to spawn or aid in any way in their slaughter or capture.

My preference is to track only 2-star wolves in order to preserve the fun of being ambushed by a pack of lower star wolves.  FYI 1- and 2-stars only spawn at night in the mountains.


  • Configure range and frequency in F1 configuration menu. A range of 1000 works well  for 1- and 2-star wolves and boar because they are rare. The range for 0-star wolves, boar, and deer should be much lower as they are quite  common. Frequency determines how many seconds elapse between scans. I use 2 seconds but your mileage may vary.
  • Toggle the mod on with toggle key ("T" by default). A message will display in HUD that the tracking is active and displaying the range.
  • Toggle key a second time turns off tracking.
  • Toggle whether to ignore tamed creatures.
  • Track Everything displays whether a tameable creature is acclimatizing ("taming") provides the percent tamed. This is helpful because approaching the creature frightens it stopping the acclimatizing process.
  • The star ratings above 2 assume that you have installed "Creature Level and Loot Control" by Smoothbrain. 
  • Hunter Mode (beta) gives less accurate bearing and distance so that it brings you close to your quarry but not exactly to it.

See forum for wolf taming tips.

Installation: Install with Vortex or manually by unzipping the dll in the bepinex/plugins directory. Configuration manager is necessary to use the F1 configuration menu in game.  However, you can also define the configuration settings directly in the cfg file which is generated after the first run and located at ./BepInEx/config/com.kpro.TrackEverything.cfg. 

3/14/2022: Ver 2.2 compatible with "Creature Level and Loot Control" by Smoothbrain.
3/2022: Works with Patch 0.207.20