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Simple plugin that automatically backs up the characters folder every 5 mins (customisable). Also supports backing up the worlds folder.

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This is a simple plugin that backs up the characters folder every 5 mins.

It runs with the game so all you have to do is install the mod, set your config and you are good to go everytime the game is launched.

The backup interval can be configured in the included config file.
(config can be found in PATH_TO_GAME\BepInEx\config\jdodger415.ValheimCharacterBackup.cfg)

You can also enable backing up of the worlds folder if you would like.

Backups are saved to %appdata%\..\LocalLow\IronGate\Valheim\characters.bak or worlds.bak in their own folder with the timestamp the backup was created.

This mod requires BepInEx (

Install Instructions:

  1. Install BepInEx
  2. Copy the contents of the zip file to your main game directory
  3. Done!

This is my first real go at c# so I don't really know what I'm doing. Expect a couple of bugs.