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This mod is required for Epic Valheim Modpack, that adds new items and boss spawning

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This mod is required for Epic Valheim's modpack, it adds custom essential items to progress in EpicValheim3.1 content

This mod will add and fix EpicValheim3.1 items, this will be needed to be updated alongside  EpicValheim3.1

What's in this mod:

  • Adds some of ValheimExpanded Items through use of their asset, such as the Alchemy Station, HeatedIronBar, HeavymetalBar, FrometalBar, FlametalBar, Heavyscale, Drakescale, Forgedscale.
  • Custom Boss spawning items to progress in the Mistlands. and will add future items to spawn bosses in the Deepnorth and Ashlands. (Only works with Epicvalheim installed)
  • Makes the AncientRoot in Mistlands destructible & drop a custom item to craft T6 Mistland items.
  • Custom Flametal / Frometal / Heavymetal weapons/Shields.

ByGodAndGamecube/Mr-Rageous for creating the asset which is used in this mod.
Odin Plus Team Discord, for helping with destructible root code.
  • @Horem
  • @blaxxun


  1. Make sure you have installed all other requirement mods.
  2. Drag the .dll into your \Valheim\BepInEx\plugins folder.