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Adds 3 new tiers of Weapons / Shields / Tools, Custom Boss Altars, Gatherable Ores / Resources, to the Mistlands/Deepnorth/Ashlands.

Permissions and credits


  • Adds a custom Inscription table, Custom Ingots & Ores, Custom Mob drops
  • Custom Boss Altars that spawn throughout the world on generation, In the Mistlands / DeepNorth / Ashlands 
  • Three new custom Bosses for the Mistlands / DeepNorth / Ashlands 
  • Custom Vegvisirs that give the location of randomly spawned boss altars, They spawn in the Mistlands, Deepnorth, Ashlands.
  • Custom Ore nodes that spawn throughout the world on generation in the Mistlands / DeepNorth.
  • Custom Burning Tree in the Ashlands that drops a custom item to craft T8 Ashlands items.
  • Makes the Iceberg in Deepnorth drop a custom item to craft T7 Deepnorth items.
  • Custom Flametal & Frometal & Heavymetal weapons & Shields & Tools.
  • Custom Deep Abyss Weapons.
  • New Crafting table 'Thors Forge', to craft Flametal & Frometal & Heavymetal Items.
  • Golden Minibosses for the useless altars JTV Biomes brings into the world generation (Requires JTV Biomes)
  • If Mistlands EVA locations are disabled, the new Blackmetal Pickaxe introduced in mistlands now mines frometal.

All EVA Progression is designed for end game players who have discovered everything there is todo in vanilla valheim, then expand upon it.

  • You can now configure the health & damage of the bosses in the Mistlands / DeepNorth / Ashlands 
  • Example Config for SvartalfrQueen and one of her attacks.

  • You can configure which EVA content is enabled or disabled!  

  • On multiplayer, felled burning trees only show up for the person who chopped it down.

    • Huge thanks to @Horem, He always helps when I ask for help.
    • @blaxxun
    • @Azumatt
    • @AeehyehssReeper for sharing his armor assets, which are used on the ashlands boss
    • @Furok for creating the armor and sharing his assets
    • @thedefside, creating json configuration for this mod.
    • @Belasias for creating monsternomicon, Which was used previously for T6-7-8 bosses.

    1. Make sure you have installed all other requirement mods.
    2. Drag the .dll into your \Valheim\BepInEx\plugins folder.

    If you like what I do and want to support me.

    Feel free to submit bug reports or pull requests here.