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This configuration file pack brings together a bunch of most popular mods to provide a satisfying gameplay loop and significantly extend the vanilla play time.

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As always, new world and character recommended to get the most of the revamped experience

See installation instructions.txt for important installation information

Mod list and links are updated as of 3.6.5



Reworked global creature health/damage scaling:
Base health - 150/25% per star
Base damage - 150/10% per star
All creatures now have the same percentage chance to spawn at any stars
Creatures now grow 4% per star, down from 10%
Creatures will now spawn with Infusions slightly more often
Creature star level no longer impacts Infusion chance (overall the same with the above change)
Coins is now a 100% droprate item. Coins scale depending on creature level
Items are no longer multiplied by stars
Rescaled majority of drop rates:
Building/crafting/food materials at 50%
Common materials (i.e. Resin) at 25%
Rare materials (i.e. Crystal) at 25%
Trophies at 10%
Deer/Boar drops are enhanced to help new characters
Elite creatures (i.e. Troll) always have improved droprates
Increased Dust drop rates across all tiers


No longer deals global environmental damage to the player
Reworked spawn rules, engagement rules, loot classification rules and more
Creature spawns are more spaced out, will no longer spawn on top of player
Creature spawn rate overall reduced, but some of them might spawn in groups
All creatures now also deal elemental damage, representative of their biome
Most creatures base attack now fires every ~4-5 seconds and has added elemental damage
Heavier attacks fire less often and deal more damage
Creatures with elemental attacks will no longer have "Pierce" type attacks
Creatures no longer flee on low health
Creature spawns are no longer tied behind weather
Each biome now has a selection of weak, normal, and elite creatures
New item - Prototype Pickaxe
Craftable with previous tier materials, able to mine next tier resources. Cannot be repaired
Altars and bosses now look and feel more polished - courtesy of Epic Valheim Additions


Thor's Forge will unlock as soon as T5 is complete
Mushroom Blue will only spawn when T5 is complete
Creatures spawn fairly close to the player, have a shorter aggro range
Baked-in poison damage is fairly weak, as introduction for first-time visitors
Removed spider attacks which caused FPS drops
Creature reworks:
Tentaroot - removed
Poison Spider - removed
Svartalfr Brigade - removed
Dark Mosquito - now has an attack
Small Spider - weaker, can spawn in groups of up to five
Spider - can spawn in groups up to two, can be tamed
Mother Dark Spider - now elite, replaced bugged attacks
Dark Protector - now elite, no longer spawns roots
Svartalfr Heavy - now elite
Svarfalfr Archer - weaker, will spawn in groups up to three
Svartalfr - can spawn in groups up to two
Svarfalfr Mage - can spawn in groups up to two


Creatures spawn very far from the player, have large aggro range
While most creatures have baked-in frost damage, elites have lightning attacks
Creature reworks:
Angry Frozen Corpse - removed
Calm Spirit - removed
Angry Spirit - no longer resistant to most damage types, can spawn in groups up to three, weaker
Dvergr - damage significantly reduced
Frozen Corpse - can spawn groups of up to three
Polar Fenring - now elite
Silver Golem - now elite, but doesn't hit as hard
Polar Lox - now elite, extra fast, can be tamed
Small Polar Lox - reduced aggro range, can spawn in packs up to four, can be tamed
Polar Serpent - can spawn in groups up to two


Food recipes added
New food resource: Heat-Resistant Egg. Can both be dropped and spawns naturally
Creatures spawn moderately far, and have moderate aggro range
Enchanted Glyph (rune upgrade resource) is now an elite drop instead of boss drop
Creature reworks:
Blazing Bones renamed to Burning King - now elite
Burned Bones renamed to Burning Warrior - can spawn in groups up to three
Elder Surtling - can spawn in groups up to two
Ash Neck - now elite
Ash Hatchling - now elite, max one spawned
Small Ash Neck - weaker, in groups up to five, can be tamed
Swollen Body - spawns in groups up to three, are now slower but have more health
Ash Mosquito - hits for slightly less, and slightly less frequently


An item to kickstart T9 in the Ocean will unlock as soon as T8 is complete
Tier 9 has a single, powerful food recipe
Ocean creatures do not have any elemental damage attached
Ocean creatures cannot spawn in groups
Ocean creatures:
Ocean Mosquito - weaker
Water Moth - weaker
Drowned Soul - average
Aggressive Serpent - elite
Storm Hatchling - elite
Ocean spawns drop materials to craft two new weapons, and resources for a special item
Special item allows spawning of T9 bosses
T9 Bosses:
Eikthyr the Returned
Elder the Returned
Bonemass the Returned
Dragon Queen the Returned
Goblin King the Returned
T9 bosses have different spawn rules, some spawn at day, some at night
T9 bosses each drop only a specific piece of armor
New armor pieces:
Outworld Helmet
Outworld Chestplate
Outworld Leggings
Outworld Cape
Nobleborn Ring
Dropped armor is indestructible by default, and can be rolled unique, T9 exclusive legendary:
New Conqueror Legendary Set: always has 6 enchant count, five piece bonus prevents death every five minutes
T9 bosses drop materials for armor crafting, upgrades, and resources for a special item
Special item allows spawning of T9 End Game boss


Fixed AshRain environment being set on vanilla-tier zones during raid
EVERY raid/event is once again available: 
Raids are their default difficulty scaling - some might be unbalanced/broken - report those to be fixed
ALL raid drops have been replaced with base level Dust - until individual balancing at unspecified later date


Gamble section rescaled: initial gold cost increased, token-cost multiplier reduced
Non-token gambles now roll at 100% magic (was 50/50 white)
Trader now exchanges Tokens for Dust
Crystal now sells for less to the Trader
Ice of the North now sells for less to the Trader
Thunderstore is sold for more by the Trader
Swamp Key now sells to the Trader for significantly less
Added Heat-Resistant Egg to the Trader
Trader now sells a very expensive T9 material - start saving!
Trader's gold cap is now 5000


Additional measures to prevent unintended rolls of Throwable/Recalling on two handed weapons
Indestructible is no longer augmentable on weapons (preventive measure for Runes until a workaround is found)
Indestructible can now roll on all rarities (except for Runes which still require legendary)
Crystal Battleaxe is now a Tier 4 item, up from Tier 3
Undying set effect has been removed from existing sets, now exclusive to Conqueror. Compensated via raw stats
Slightly increased treasure chest find radius by Andvaranaut
Added belts and rings to the loot tables
AvoidDamageTaken can no longer combine with AvoidDamageTakenLowHealth under natural rolls
AvoidDamageTaken 40% Nomad set bonus reworked to AvoidDamageTakenLowHealth 25%
Opportunist rescaled to 15% max at legendary, up to 20% on unique legendaries/sets
Backstab Bonus rescaled to 15% max at legendary, up to 20% on unique legendaries/sets
GreatSwords now have the same roll rules as Battleaxes


Added Rare Dust and Coin drops as an addition to the Golden creature loot tables
Gave Chef's Hat and Handcrafted Belt a crafting station
Additionally buffed Serpent drops
Reduced damage of Chain Lightning rune
Fixed the issue where the spawn conditions of Incorrect Installation Trophy would create an ever-spawning corpse


    Fixed a load error caused by newest Jotunn mod
    Removed non-functional T6/7/8 bounties and treasure chests
    T6/7/8 elite creatures will now spawn in T1-5 biomes as bounties
    Treasure chests now reward Forest Tokens from T1 rather than T3
    Iron Bounty Token reward begins from T3 rather than T5
    Gold Bounty Token reward begins from T6 rather than T7
    Added Ocean bounties
    Treasure maps cost less to purchase
    Bounties reward less coins
    T6/7/8 armor no longer requires previous tier piece while crafting
    Reduced T6/7/8 armor metal costs
    Swapped out T8 Prototype Pickaxe to Axe
    Recycling no longer yields one item minimum
    T8 rune upgrade now costs five of its material, up from three


    T6/T8 Deathsquitos are now Boss faction
(will not aggro other creatures causing them to traverse biomes)
Changed CreatureLevelandLootControl loot system to linear
(nothing changes for existing installations, but will prevent multiplied loot oversights)
Added previously missing Skeleton to loot tables
Packaged previously missing SimpleRecycling config
NexusInstallationChecker no longer checks for MonsterlabZ config data as it shouldn't be needed
Added various summons to T6/7/8 bounties
T9 recipes will no longer require non-existent level 8 crafting station
T9 metals are now properly teleportable and sellable/purchasable
Increased base gamble coin costs across all tiers; rescaled token gamble coin costs to x1
(less profitable to just buy low rarity items instead of mining and crafting; about the same costs for hunting high rarity items )


Swapped out SimpleRecycling mod with a working version
        T8's Bloated Corpse will no longer mass produce insects
Reduced elemental damage across T7-8 basic attacks
Added Lox Pelt to T7 Loxes
Ragnarok and Deathsquito season will only occur past T5
Alchemy flasks now cost Ice of the North x1, down from x4
Moved T6 boss elemental damage from fire/frost to poison
Reduced T7 boss damage
Increased T8 boss damage
T6/7/8 bosses now have the correct health pools of 1.5/22.5/30k



Rescaled global damage - now 100% base + 20% per star (was 150/10)
Lessened ring and belt droprates across tiers
Upgraded Skyheim runes had their varied elemental damage transferred to main element
Feathers now cost 100 coins and come in stacks of 10
Removed Deathsquito Season / Ragnarok raids
Additionally increased the minimal distance creatures spawn from the player
Increased size of Small Dark Spider, reduced speed
Reduced size of Dark Protector, changed pathing type
Reduced size of Dark Mother Spider
Greatly increased Mushroom Blue spawn rates
New item: Mistlands Arrow (poison)

New creature - Frozen Stinger (a Deathsquito variant)
Dvergr now has flat 2000 health and cannot spawn starred
Further reduced T7 boss damage
New item: Deep North Arrow (frost)

Heat Reflecting Egg now should correctly show up at the Trader
Elder Surtlings no longer deal pierce damage altogether
Further increased T8 boss damage
New item: Ashlands Arrow (fire)

Boats now take greatly reduced damage after T8 is complete
Returned Yagluth now deals more fire damage
New item: Abyss Arrow (pierce)


Swapped VitalityMod with VitalityRewrite
Removed HookGenPatched from required dependencies
PotionsPlus is now discontinued due to lack of configurability - can be kept as is or removed
T6/7/8 Vegvisirs will now point towards bosses of its own biome - courtesy of Epic Valheim Additions
Raids should no longer immediately trigger as soon as someone logs into a server - courtesy of Custom Raids
New build piece: Creature Ward - will prevent raids and events from happening in a 100y radius around it
Further reduced damage taken by Boats upon clearing T8
Added various missing trophies to the disenchant list
Fixed Feather trader costs
Fixed MotherDarkSpider loot table error


While this is technically a modpack by definition, I made sure not to repackage other authors' works. I have great individual respect for each mod's creator, and am simply providing my own configurations/interpretations according to my own vision. You will still need to visit, download and set up each mod yourself from their creator's page, before replacing configuration files where needed. I will provide links and instructions as much as I can.

With that said - let's dive in!


  • Mistlands, Deep North, AshLands and Ocean are fully implemented, functioning as Valheim's Tier 6Tier 7, Tier 8 and Tier 9 progression zones. Featuring its own Creatures, Food, Mineable Resources, new Weapons, Armor and Build Pieces. Those brave enough to conquer the new biomes, may even collect forsaken Offerings, and use them on the forsaken Altars to summon an ancient Spirits that lurk within.

  • DIFFICULTY is ramped up. Player now has many more tools at his disposal, but the creatures scale up too. Player's ability to min-max his gear choices and approaches becomes crucial to succeed.

  • EPIC LOOT brings magical enchantments to the items of Valheim, similar to any familiar RPG. By default, Epic Loot mod enables creatures of the world to have a chance to drop fully enchanted items. Epic Valheim replaces this system to instead drop Materials. Player is no longer overwhelmed by the availability of weapons and armor, and instead has to make conscious choices on which select item piece to spend enchanting materials on, or to save them up for a higher rarity enchantments.

  • ECONOMY is a thing in Epic Valheim. Every creature drops gold, and many activities can be complimented with said gold drops. However, the player will not find himself sitting under piles of Coins - every cost involving decision will accomplish a certain task, so one should think wisely where to invest the hard earned gold.

  • TRADER functionality greatly expanded. Nearly every item can be purchased or sold. However, the pricing for an individual item can vary greatly depending on general availability, ease of access, rarity, etc.

  • RECYCLING is now an integrated gameplay element. Outgrown your old pieces? Dismantle them back into parts, and use said parts either to kickstart your new upgrades, or simply sell them for extra profit.

  • LOOT frequency for every creature is rewritten. Each item drops less often, and is more valuable. No more massive stacks of everything!

  • BOSS FARMING is now an integrated gameplay element. While regular creatures only drop materials, Valheim's bosses will always drop increasingly rarer quality Tier-appropriate weapon and armor pieces. Those can be either equipped, disenchanted, or recycled, ensuring that boss runs stay profitable for a long time.

  • MOVEMENT SPEED is rebalanced. Mid-tier and beyond chest and leg pieces no longer slow the player down. Instead, All Leg pieces now natively grant Movespeed increase by default, up to 2% increments per Tier, up to 20% for last tier piece.

  • MASS FARMING takes care of the agricultural side of Valheim. Every plantable resource can now be both planted and collected as multiple pieces.

  • BETTER RAIDS expand the vanilla raid experience with extra tiers, adding new and exciting events to your base defense.

  • VITALITY SKILL adds natural character scaling into the lategame, without only depending on the gear. Now as the player naturally progresses throughout the game, his fitness level will rise, and with it raw Health, Movespeed, Stamina, etc.

  • SPELL SYSTEM: Skyheim mod adds a bunch of craftable weapon-like runes, with effects such as healing, stat augmentation, crowd control and others. Compliments the combat system very well, and from 3.2 onward, Skyheim is deeply integrated in Epic Valheim's loot and difficulty ecosystem.


All of the above combined, create unique experiences where player has many dynamic paths on how to progress to a particular goal:

  1. Player A might be a bloodthirsty barbarian, equipped with the best gear, venturing out to the wild every morning to collect as many trophies as he can. During those adventures, he will naturally collect the resources needed to upgrade his gear, and also to summon and defeat Valheim's bosses. Tier progression is mainly done via fighting.

  1. Player B might not be decked out in latest shiny armor and weapons, or is simply too tired from battle. He will carefully choose his fights, avoiding the harder encounters, but will gladly stop by a resource from time to time, to extract the goods. After utilizing whatever resources he needed for his gear or base improvement, he will exchange the rest to the trader, to either buy materials for upgrades, or to summon and defeat the bosses. Tier progression is done via a mix of fighting and farming.

  1. Player C might be a natural pacifist, set on to create the best Viking establishment he possibly can. With creature slaying being his last priority, he will gladly relax spending time around his base, tending to his animal farms, plant fields and beekeeping corner, later selling the yield to the Trader in exchange for more exotic parts. Eventually, he will also purchase materials required to summon the bosses, dust off his trusty gear, and slay the mythical creatures for glory, before returning to his agricultural lifestyle. Tier progression is mainly done via farming.


RECOMMENDED METHOD - THUNDERSTORE: Download R2modman through Thunderstore's main page, Select Valheim, create a profile, then Install Epic Valheim and it's dependencies with one click. Once installed, select "play modded" at the top left of the launcher - and you're done!

INSTALLATION VIA NEXUS: The best thing to do is to start on a fresh Valheim installation. Next best thing is to start on empty Config/Plugins folders. If you wish to keep any non-Epic-Valheim-related mods installed, you should first move them out of Plugins, then slowly add them back one by one to confirm no conflicts. 

BepInExSkill InjectorExtended Item Data FrameworkBlacksmith's ToolsJotunn, the Valheim Library


Epic Valheim's Additions
Creature Level and Loot Control
Chaos Warrior Armor
Drop That
Spawn That
Custom Raids
RRR Core
RRR Monsters
RRR Raids
Simple Recycling
Custom Armor Stats
Recipe Customization
Bone Appetit
Plant Everything
Better Trader
Vitality Skill Rewrite
JTV Biomes
Floating Items
Use Equipment In Water
Wackys Database
Structure Damage Tweaks


Better Archery
Build Camera

Once everything is downloaded and in place, run the game once to confirm that everything works, nothing is broken, etc. It should work on an existing world, but as always a new world is recommended not only for compatibility standpoint but also for a new fresh experience.

After confirming that stuff works as intended, close the game, head over to Epic Valheim's download page, and get the latest config files. Overwrite the downloaded files with their respective counterparts, and voila, - you're good to go!

Every mod in this list should be compatible with one another, however I cannot guarantee the same function in multiplayer, or when mixed in with other mods outside of the list. Experiment at your own risk.