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This .bat file/launcher allows you to have 9 different mod profiles, you can switch between them instantly with one button press.

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In my singleplayer world, I play with around 60 mods.
In the world we made with my friend, I'm playing in vanilla because my friend doesn't like mods.
In a popular server I want to join, there is an allowed mods list and using other mods are forbidden.

Vortex has a mod profiles setting, but it is too slow for me.
I don't like the other mod manager either. I like installing my mods manually.

So, I made a .bat launcher that allows you to select between vanilla and 9 different mod profiles

How does it work?

When you are running the script for the first time, it generates a lot of new folders in your BepInEx folder.
These new folders are named plugins1, plugins2, ....., plugins9, config1, config2, ....., config9

Any old mods you already had and their configs will be sent to plugins1 and config1 folders.

When you select a number in ModSwitch.bat 's menu,
it finds the folders with that number and removes the number from the folder name.

If you select Mod Profile 1, it will activate the mods in plugins1 with config1
if you select Mod Profile 4, it will activate the mods in plugins4 with config4
If you select vanilla, it will disable BepInEx

If you want a mod to be in multiple profiles, you need to install it again for each profile.
Because each profile's config folder is seperate, you need to edit their configs seperately.

When you open ModSwitch.bat, it automatically  switches to Vanilla first.
If you close the window without selecting, it will select vanilla by  default.

After you either press 0 to continue as vanilla or press a number to select a mod profile, 
a second menu will open. This one has three options. Select again (r), Launch Valheim (v) or Quit (q)

After you select a profile, you can also quit the program and launch the game as you normally did before.


Just drop ModSwitch.bat in your Valheim folder, the same place with valheim.exe
(It is usually in C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Valheim )
You can also make a desktop shortcut of ModSwitch.bat and use it to launch the game.


When you run the ModSwitch.bat, it will generate this ModSwitch.txt in your Valheim folder. You can edit it to your preference.

;;You can change the names of the mod profiles here. 
;;Name1 is for plugins1 folder, Name2 is for plugins2 etc. 
;;Please don't use special characters in the names. 
;;Using those characters can break the code. 
Name1=Mod Profile 1
Name2=Mod Profile 2
Name3=Mod Profile 3
Name4=Mod Profile 4
Name5=Mod Profile 5 
Name6=Mod Profile 6 
Name7=Mod Profile 7 
Name8=Mod Profile 8 
Name9=Mod Profile 9 
;;If you set this to true, after you select a mod profile 
;;it will directly launch the game. "r,q,v" menu is skipped. 

Here is the entire code, if you want can just copy this to a .txt file and save it as a .bat instead of downloading this.