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Allows you to ride the Valkyrie as a flying mount.

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What is ValkyrieMount?
ValkyrieMount allows you to ride and control the Valkyrie in game like a flying mount.

Things I should know about?
In order to prevent the Valkyrie from killing you in flight or when you drop on the ground after dismounting, the mod gives you GodMode for as long as you are riding the Valkyrie. Use of stamina is also disabled to allow you to ascent without using stamina.

Warning! Although this mod will not interfere with other mods giving you GodMode, it WILL disable GodMode when dismounting! If you want to use GodMode outside of this mod, you will have to enable it again with the other mod or command.

Finally, you should know that you no longer have collisions while flying. This is because the Valkyrie was never meant to be controlled by players and doesn't have any collision checks. I decided to leave this in there as it makes it easier to navigate through forests and other high density areas.

How do the controls work?
A Valkyrie can be summoned with LeftAlt+T by default, but this can be changed in the mod's configuration. You can control the Valkyrie with your keyboard and mouse the same way you control your character. Support for Joysticks has also been implemented. You can dismount the Valkyrie by pressing E or the Use key on a Joystick.

Can I safely use chat / inventory etc while flying?
Yes. The controls are disabled when you open up the chat or your inventory.

Does this work multiplayer?
Yes. Other players do not require the mod to be able to see you flying a Valkyrie. This mod is pure client side and I've made sure that it works in multiplayer with vanilla clients. Do NOT use this on servers without permission though. You'll most likely just end up getting yourself banned.

There seems to be a cooldown on summoning a Valkyrie?
There is a 30 second cooldown to summon a Valkyrie after dismounting. This is done to give the game time to allow your previous Valkyrie to fly away and despawn. If your previous Valkyrie hasn't despawned yet and you summon a new one, funny things start happening (you end up controlling both Valkyries and the game no longer has any idea where to put your character).

As with all my mods, use at your own risk! Always backup your worlds / characters before using any mod! There's only so much I can test myself before releasing a mod. Bugs can happen! If you encounter a problem, let me know about it with as much detail as you can provide, so I might be able to fix it.